Friday, 6 July 2007

The Story So Far...

Asha and Miss J. met three years ago in a little port called Puerto Banus in the island of Marbella. Asha 24, British, is a frequent holidaymaker and a loyal sunworshiper burning her already bronze skin. She believes that she was an Indian Princess in her past life but due to her illicit romance with the Maharaja (which was a married man), the universe banished her to England and turned her into an Indian, not a princess, just an Indian girl and gorgeous. She always thought the universe was good to her.

Now is a pop princess---she likes everything pop and she loves celebrity gossips. When news broke out that Kate Moss was in town, she called in sick for a week to find her. Unfortunately, Miss Moss was elusive.

She likes to go out to Dreamers and dance clubs where they sell 10 euros for a bottle of water. Last week, she was denied entrance to a club because a guy from the BIG BROTHER packed the place. She was furious and drank gallons of beer in her local bar instead. She dreams of being invited into one of P.Diddy's Miami parties someday.

Miss J. 28, American, on the other hand is a diva in the making, and believes that Kristina Zskeley is a god who ranks among her other gods like , Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Coco Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Prada (who recently turned into an evil character in a movie. How dare them use her name in vain??!!!), Louis Vuitton and Princess Diana. She loves the high life...dining and wining, shopping for shoes and bags and knows all the name of the looky-looky men in the port and the real prices of what they sell . Although she works a very non-glamorous job in a very non-glamorous office, she thinks that fashion magazines in the coast are 90 percent advertising and 10 percent press release. She's wayyy better than the stylists, she could make a difference given the chance.She believes that she can never get all things bright and beautiful in this world even if she starves herself to death (she wishes to become anorexic but she is mortified with death) so she wants SOMEONE to get those for her. She is still a lady in waiting...
The two girls joined forces to put up this blog to chronicle Marbella's distinct style and taste. The blog is a community for lovers of glam,chic, and mode and all things beautiful in this part of the Mediterranean. Everybody is invited to join in the orgy of fun so email us what you want to say and we will post them! For free! Press releases are welcome as long as they are short and sweet. Our site is your site so, if you have anything to say, to review, to post or want the whole island of Malaga to know, give us a shout and we will be glad to haveyou in our shrine.
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