Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Essential Ola Voyna

The September issue of ESSENTIAL magazine is out now and we were not surprise to find out how hum-hum the cover was, once again. The model was kind of plump and her make-up looked like it was done in a hurry and those pearl necklace!---what's that all about? The theme for this month was supposed to be out of this world, UFO, science fiction whatever but the homegirl looked like a grown-up version of little mermaid sans the tail. If I were the stylist, I would do a little research, do the model lots of photoshop and turn her into something like one of Ali Mahdavi's stunning work:

Fierce, isn't it? Now, THAT is how you do a science fiction fashion cover. Human Relations department of Essential magazine...can you hear me? My Bvlgari-scented CV is itching to be emailed right away! :)

Anyway, amongst hundreds of real estate agency ads and restaurant listings, something caught our eyes that made the issue redeemable---their feature on Polish furniture designer Ola Voyna. This:

ivory carriage

We loveee this girl. We think she's fierce. Not only her furniture designs are breathtaking but the presentation...the total showmanship is quite out of this world. It's like looking at VOGUE editorials without the models or let's say, the models are the furniture pieces themselves. Look at those beautiful Andalucian horses, clever.


Miss Ola Voyna's (we even love her name, how's that) design is a reminiscent of a strange mix of a Tim Burton movie and Cinderella--dark but definitely visually orgasmic with a promise of romance and a hint of love. She uses a lot of brass, glass and leather fusions though she can be described as a minimalist.

willow--reminds us of sleepy hollow (movie)

Though her designs are out of the box, you cannot deny that it screams sophistication and elegance among anything else.


Though her company is based in Poland, you can order from her website and she will ship the furniture to you even if you're in Timbuktu.

We dream of an oyster bed someday and probably some fit, blue-eyed, blond Polish guy to come with it.

As for Ola, good luck and more power. As for Essential magazine, please, for the love of the gods, get a stylist for your front cover, will you?


---Miss J. and Asha

Details: OLA VOYNA

Director of Customer Relations:
Andrew Repasa

phone: +48 514353835

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