Saturday, 22 September 2007

Vogue's Fattest

After a long weekend in Barcelona, I am recharged and ready to face the fabulously chaotic world of blogging again. It was refreshing to get away from the computer even for a short while and I felt I needed it after a summer of work, work and work.

Barcelona is a fantastic choice when you need a quick city break. The Gaudi designed architecture is a feast to the eyes and the Sagrada Familia is rejuvenating to the soul. The food is superb and you can choose between the best of both worlds--the old and new. My friends and I dined in Los Caracoles (The Snails) which was founded in 1835 and the paella was to die for! Of course, one cannot leave the city without trying the luscious Crema Catalana and the famous Catalan wine , Torres.

It would be hard to ignore the fact that Barcelona is a shopping paradise as well. The Paseo de Gracia is an endless stretch of designer shops from A to Z. It also showcases the best of the Spanish brands such as Indetex's ZARA, Massimo Dutti, and independent prêt-á-porter such as Mango, Antonio Miro, Purificacion Garcia, Custo Barcelona and Adolfo Dominguez among others. The Barcelonese women are effortlessly stylish. They know how to mix and match colors and accessories, I just love it.

Anyway, the September edition of the Spanish VOGUE is out now and just like it's American version, it is super packed! Two kilos of pure adrenalin pumping fashion and style. You would not believe how cheap it is though---3.50 euros which is more or less 5 U.S. dollars.

Unlike the American Vogue though the Spanish version did not use Sienna Miller for the cover. Well, Spanish Vogue do not use celebrities at all for the cover, as far as I know. It sticks to it's good old belief that models are indeed for the magazine and celebrities are for the movies. Honestly, I prefer it that way as well. What happened to the Supermodel fever of the 90's anyway? I think it is time to revive this spirit and call all the deserving models of the new generation by their first name.

I can't understand this fascination with Sienna Miller by the way. I don't think she was in any monster flick at all and her face is something that you would forget after 10 minutes or so. The Spanish Vogue's cover this month is the fabulous 20 year old Brazilian model, Caroline Trentini.

Although the magazine is full of high budgeted ads, there are some features that stole my interest such as the special 60th anniversary tribute to Dior and the names that will steal the future of fashion--Marchesa andMarkus Lupfer (Balenciaga).

I. Lorenzo's chronicle of Marc Jacobs' life from a 17 year old New York Party boy to a million dollar designer was amusing and very well researched while Blanca Lacasa's interview with Sante D'Orazio, Italian photographer turned author of the (photography) book , Gianni and Donatella , was a voyeuristic trip to the sibling's relationship in and out of the limelight. Asked how Gianni and Donatella's relationship was, he answered ¨It was just like any brother-sister relationship. Sometimes they fight. Donatella has her own voice and wanted to be heard. They were more of a mentor-pupil than siblings and clearly, with a professor with such calibre, the learning process is endless."

The September issue of the Spanish Vogue is full of feathers, frills a lot of colorful bushy things--very European. Hats off though for this editorial featuring a wonderful granny with her fierce furs.

Isn't this fab? Only in the Spanish Vogue ladies...only in the Spanish Vogue.



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