Sunday, 11 November 2007

All about Evita...

My gay friend Jorge from Argentina came back last week with a vengeance from a 6 month hibernation in his motherland. I have been insinuating from our text message exchanges that I wanted an exotic gift from Argentina since I've never been there and I thought he would bring me back a can of corned beef just to take the piss but I was actually excited when he stood on my doorway with a little bag marked with unmistakable face of an icon---who else? Argentina's very own people's princess: Eva Peron.

Now ladies, be warned. This entry does not not suggest anything about my political beliefs or sides. The truth of the matter is , I am apolitical. I care about the environment, the children, the poor, the animals and I am totally despise the use of drugs but I am neither a leftist or a rightist. I am for fashion and everything bright and beautiful in this world and that's it. Amen? Amen.
Going back to my flamboyant friend Jorge (pronounced whore-hey. :)) he said I should be stoned to death because I love dictators like Evita and Imelda Marcos. The truth is, I don't love dictators but I definitely love strong and powerful women. Madonna is not a dictator, is she? She never required everyone to wear her cone bras, for crying out loud. These women are icons not only for their beauty and style but also because of their contribution (as infamous as those might have been) in the society. Spain (where I live) until now has a strong tie with Argentina due to the latter's unprecedented help during the second world war. When the Spanish were dying of hunger in those era, Argentina was the good Samaritan who shipped them beef, lard and other food. And whose idea was it? you guess it right...The great Madam Peron. If you want more info on Evita or history, you will be disappointed as I will not dwell much into that. My blog is about fashion and style so you can either can get a history book or click on Google to know more her.It turned out that Jorge did a little trip to the Evita Museum in Buenos Aires before he came back last week for the precious little gifts. I mean gifts because aside from the hand painted Eva Peron sleeveless shirt, it came as well with tidbits of brochures and a memoir of the late dictator's wife including a catalogue of silverworks inspired by Eva Peron beautifully crafted by Argentinean jewelry designer, Alfredo Toledo.The Reason of My Life Necklace
Evita The Actress Necklace
The Rose Brooch

May Sunshine Brooch

Hmmm...a little bit of royal tackiness for my taste.
The Figure

The artist, who is a big fan of Evita wrote in the book:

" She was for some people the lady of hope: for others, the Blond Fairy and for most, the Saint that granted wishes and flew towards God. A controversial figure that aroused love and hate, Evita died at a young age, after a long agony. The increasing prayers of the people, first asking for her favours and then imploring for her health, converted her into a myth long after her death.
Her life has been portrayed over the years by artists - from all over the world; the arts including cinema, the theatre, photography, painting and many others, have paid her homage.
Today is my time. The time to show you through each of my works, what the figure, the woman and the myth in Evita awakened in me."
---Marcelo Toledo

No, he didn't give me any of this awesome pieces of silver however, he gave me a tacky E.P. shirt just for laughs. It's more of like a jumper that you can wear on top of a white long sleeve shirt or something. I still haven't worn it. I'm still waiting to find the right moment and the right accessories to go with it.

I love Eva Peron...although I'm not sure about singing to my people in a Town Hall's balcony or something. I leave that part to Madonna.


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