Monday, 15 October 2007

Channelling Victoria.

So many things going on and I'm getting insane! First, people are leaving the company and although it is sad to see them leave after long years being together eight hours everyday, I didn't have any power over fate and decisions.

One of the people that had to leave was my friend and co-blogger ASHA. She's been working with me for over a year now and she has to face motherhood. It was a happy separation though. Her two year old daughter Dyan needs more attention now that she's growing up and my friend feels it's not wise for her to be with the nanny 24/7. She is a full time mom now and I am happy for her. They are going back to the UK in a few weeks time and she is totally exhilarated by the idea of spending time together with her little angel.

And I? I'm still the "aunt" and "godmother" to all my friends' daughters and sons. Too busy to commit unless it is Marc Jacobs, which is totally impossible since A.) He is gay. B.) He's got a boyfriend C.) He doesn't know me. But life goes on...Life is a runway and everyday is a fashion show so here I am, starting all over with blogging, alone but inspired to do better and stronger.

The path might probably be bright or gloomy but nevertheless I'm sure I would be needing one of Victoria Beckham's fabulous eyewear collection. I don't care if a lot of people don't like her. I do like her and her style and I think she is one of the most elegant celebrities we have nowadays. More than style, I love her entrepreneurial spirit. Wife to a drop dead gorgeous, football superstar, mother, fashion icon and multi-million-pound business mogul, Victoria Beckham indeed knows the definition of posh multitasking shedding former pop star skin , revealing herself as the Boss to her family and her own business empire.British GLAMOUR magazine voted her "Entrepreneur of the year " in their 2007 WOMEN OF THE YEAR AWARD. Why?

"Victoria has what everyone wants else wants. No, not David, but an impeccable sense of style, relentless drive and a talent for continually reinventing herself from one-fifth of the most famous British girl group ever, to a multi-million pound business empire....her sunglasses range sold out of Harrods the minute it arrived. Her perfume has outsold any other celebrity's, and is one of fragrance company Coty's most successful launches ever. And her style guide, THAT EXTRA HALF AN INCH, has out-sold her best-selling autobiography and is being reprinted all over the world. She has created herself as a brand in a staggering way..."

I love her eyewear collection although I think it might cover not only my eyes but my whole face! Those lovely oversize sunglasses are inspired by movie icons and films from the 60's, 70's and 80's.

I know, I know, summer is over and the world gets dark and gloomy everyday but here in the South of Spain, the sun knows no season and winter is a myth, so it would be nice to get one of these glasses not only to protect the eyes from the SOL but also to cover up proofs of previous night's heavy partying in Puerto Banus.

Anyway, let's get back to Ms. Vicky Beckham.

I am channelling her as of the moment as I am thinking of putting up a little business venture on the side. The office is suffocating me (too much bosses, too much rules, just too much of everything!) and I am not happy anymore being a corporate muse. I know I would never end up as filthy rich as her (though I hope I could get an equally dashing husband as hers in the future) but hey, who knows?

Life is full of surprises, you never know what's gonna happen next. The trouble is, my present job pays good and the business venture is a big risk to jump into. I am really keen on this one though but it means giving it all my time, energy and a few savings though having said that, this project is something I WANT to do.

Suggestions, anyone?


Miss J.

Photos captured from Victoria Beckham's website:


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