Thursday, 22 November 2007

I Need Judge Judy!

For people who have been wondering why it takes me days before I update my blog, It's because I am running around like a headless chicken these days due to my residence issues. You see, I am not from any Euro Country originally so the process of legalizing my stay here is a nightmare! The Spanish system is wayyyyyy so slow and it took me almost 3 years before I finally went to court, Tuesday, to sort out everything. It is quite a hassle I tell you and It cost me not only too much expenses but also, emotional and physical stress. However, everything is sorted out now and it would take another two to three weeks before we know the final judgement, whether i get my residence or not. Please wish me luck.

Yes, two to three weeks again for the court's decision. Spain is different. I was waiting for the judge to just hammer his gavel once and for all and give out his sentence but it was all anti-climactic. In this country, the decisions are sent to your lawyers office in letter and obviously, you will hear from your lawyer the verdict. I wish it was judge Judy who presided in my case. It would have been fast, no-frill judgement day, isn't it?

I love Judge Judy. I think she is the best thing that happened in court case tv in the past ten years. I am not sure though if it still on as we are getting reruns of the show on ITV2 ( I think). I watched an interview of her in 60 seconds in Youtube and yes, she was right---The youth of today does not have role models anymore. Models, yes, we have lots of those but not someone we could look up to in a more positive way. I mean, I loved Britney,I mean the pre-babies, pre -loca Britney. And even if Judge Judy is a hundred years old now, she still kicks ass and man, does she kick so well! Here's a preview. Enjoy!



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