Thursday, 13 September 2007

Couching Tigress

Summer’s completely gone and it started to rain again. The skies are completely grey and it makes me feel I’m back in London. Time to put all those swim gears, sandals and sundresses in the vault and dig out your sweaters and comfy cardigans as it’s going to be the season of chill, hot chocolate and wet slippery roads soon.

For me, it’s the time to read and re-read books, write handwritten letters for friends abroad and chill out on my couch watching Bridget Jones over and over again or just listening to Sting till I doze off.

Since I am on the lookout for a new couch ( I had my orange couch for almost 3 years now), I surfed the net and found really great pieces.

I thought of looking for some hometown designs and I found this absolutely stunning piece from Pedro Peña.and this one from Charo Hallin: While this outdoor furniture from DHinteriors is so versatile, I can actually put it in my living room for that Oriental/Zen effect.

I'm staying away from the usual black leather sofa and instead focus on the power of colors and stylish design.

I like this lips couch as well but I don't think it fits my personality at all. Unless I work for Agatha Ruiz de la Prada or something....

Dream Home Interiors SL
Pol. Ind. Nueva CampanaNo 90Nueva Andalucia29660 SPAIN
Telephone: (0034) 952 929 675Fax: (0034) 951 319 985

Charo Hallin

Pedro Peña
C . C. T e m b o . B l o q u e C. CN. 3 4 0 M a r b e l l a T l f. 9 5 2 . 8 2 . 4 9 . 6 2 F a x. 9 5 2 . 8 2 . 7 4 . 2 3
M a r i n a B a n ú s 1 - L o c a l 12 P u e r to B a n ú s M a r b e l l a T l f. 9 5 2 . 81 . 01 . 12 F a x. 9 5 2 . 8 1. 11 . 51

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

They think, Therefore we are.

Carine Roitfield, Anna Wintour, Harriet Quick (photo credit: The Daily Mail)
We have high respects for fashion editors. We regard them with same respect as say, a head of a nation since they are the decision makers and the powers behind a nation's rise or fall. However, even Kings and Queens have their own share of criticisms and our fashion eds are not an exemption.

In yesterday's issue of the Daily Mail, Liz Jones asked the most obvious question that we all wanted to ask but never dared to--- "Why don't the world's fashion editors wear what they tell us to wear?"

Not only she asked why they don't wear a very steel gray balloon from Prada but she also gave them a little bit of a stylish bashing. This is what she could say about our fashion powerwomen:

On Anna Wintour:

" While I vaguely admire the fact that the formidable editor-in- chief of American Vogue has found her own personal style - shiny bob ( professionally ironed each morning after her tennis lesson), Chanel shades, full print skirt belted at her tiny waist, pastel cardi and pointy kitten heels - and stuck to it, come winter or summer (in winter she just adds grey woollen tights), I have to say I find her look rather boring. "

On Franca Sozzani of Italian Vogue:

"... who has kept her long blonde tresses and black voluminous clothes for what seems like decades"

On Ingrid Sischy of Interview Magazine

"... who only ever wears a tracksuit and trainers and never seems to wash her hair, let alone have it professionally blow-dried - having a signature style is Ms Wintour's way of opting out, of being above fashion somehow, and I suppose it sure as hell makes getting dressed in the morning easier."

I admit I am not really that excited with Anna Wintour's hair. It 's getting boring now. However, who am I to even insinuate that to her? Afterall she's the fashion dictator, not us. She dictates us in everything, the hair...the clothes..the heels... and masochistic as it may sound, we just love it.

To read the Liz Jones' full article, click HERE.

Bodyshop's Founder Anita Roddick Dies

But her legacy lives on....
Anita Roddick suffered a brain hemorrhage last night causing her death at the age of 64 years old.

She will be remembered not only as a business mogul but more so as an environmental advocate and humanitarian promoting AIDS awareness and poverty in the third world.

May she rest in Peace.

Monday, 10 September 2007

And now..hands on the hips!

You've seen the covers of ABSOLUTE MARBELLA; now meet the man behind its style----Fran Larrañaga.
Being a stylists is probably the most misunderstood job in the world. For a commoner, a stylist might mean a hairdresser or a make up artist without knowing that the definition of the word means a million to the designers who made the headlines and the fashion world in whole. In reality, stylists are the magicians who put together the collections, they have the eye for the perfect buttons, the right scarves, and basically creating the atmosphere that the designers want to realize in his show. They are the unsung heroes who cast the models and the people who will make them aesthetically perfect--- the hairdressers and the make up artists--- a far cry from normal mortals. They just don't make a model's life hell with the calisthenics and complex acrobatic poses but they are the ones who dress them up---layers by layers, inch by inch before they hit the runway or face the blinding camera flashes for a magazine cover or a fashion editorial.
In Spain, one name is synonymous to Bill Mullen. His last name might be hard to pronounce but to many art directors, designers and celebrities, the name is succinct and screams style to highest level--- Fran Larrañaga.
We know very little little of this man aside from the fact that he's the main man in charge of Absolute's fierce covers but we don't need to know much more as his works already speaks for himself and much more. He's got big shots like Banco Santader, Maxim Magazine, Wella and Hispanitas to boast under his belt.
With the New York fashion week still ongoing, we expect another wave of fashion editorials in the following days splashed with the season's must have s and this wave will reach the Spanish shore. You won't find Fran on the Spanish runway, we're sure; but believe me, he will pull together the collections you might want to try this season or the next.


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