Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Penelope Cruz: A Bite of Mango

I am not really sure if I like the idea of celebrity-turned-designer trend. I mean, for one, I don't think they know how to draw at all to begin with or even distinguish a fabric from another. There's Lilly Allen for New Look, Kate Moss for Top Shop and now, actress Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica have joined the bandwagon to design a new limited edition collection for the Spanish brand, MANGO. The collection is divided into two categories : urban and evening. The urban collection showcases silhouette of masculinity with its oversized trousers, shirts jackets etc. while the cocktail dresses give homage to the 50's and the 70's.

Although I am quite doubtful of these women's ability to design clothes, the collection was quite impressive aside from some boring numbers like your usual turtlenecks and tops.

Years of cinema glam and red carpet treatment must have developed Penelope's sense of style, taste and judgement which made some pieces a success. Monica on the other hand, who looked almost exactly like her older sister, must have incorporated her unadulterated European fashion sense having done several movies all over Europe.

I love how the jeans hugs Monica's body in this ensemble.

Penelope's fur coat is fierce in this one while Monica is sporting a Lolita look with her knee-high socks and checkered dress.

I am still not convinced that the sisters were the brains behind the designs at all but whoever it may be, I'm sure he's glad his collection's got a face--two, as a matter of fact.


Miss J.


Monday, 24 September 2007

Candy-Coloured Crystals

Choosing the right color for any design is always a risky job especially when you are talking about fine-jewelry. That is why we are so glad that this year, POMELLATO plunged into a kaleidoscopic risk and the result--- its fantastic collection of candy colored crystals!

This Milanese brand is known for bringing together beauty, sensuality and high quality craftsmanship since 1967. It has branches all around the world including the recently open one in Manhattan’s Upper East Side which feature 16 foot tall windows and a brass door handle designed to resemble a Pomellato ring.

What intrigues me about this year’s collection is how they manage to create colored diamonds and golds. Brown diamond and pink gold? Sounds impossible but that’s what their DUNA line is all about. They also used varied stones and gems that made up the collection more of like a box of mouth watering caramelos (candies) such as Amethyst, Prasiolite, Blue Topaz, Lemon Quartz, Rhodolites, Onyx , Red Tourmaline and Coral among others.

I love the SIRENE starfish pendants. It reminds me of Ibiza and the summer that has just ended…



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