Friday, 12 October 2007

Origami Inspirations

Paper gown from the British Vogue April 2007
Having lived in the Far East for the longest time before moving to Spain in 2004, I sometimes miss everything Oriental. Here on the coast where the closest I can get to Asia is a bowl of noodles from my nearby Chinese restaurant (which is not as delightful as the real thing), I sometimes think of just packing my things and travel an 18 hour flight to Tokyo or Bangkok and relive the life I was accustomed to.

Over the weekend, the itch to travel Asia came back like a silhouette of an ex- boyfriend that never goes away. As a quick relief, I phoned my friends back in Manila and we had a good one whole hour of chat which my telephone provider would be happy about at the end of the month and my bank manager, depressed. As a homage to the Oriental princess in me, I decided to put up some stunning ORIGAMI inspired creations which reminds me of my roots.
Hugo Boss
Millennium old Japanese art whose origin is attributed to the the delicate form of folding love letters, ORIGAMI has found its way to this years runway and enchanted designers and brands like Marc Jacobs, Giambattista Valli, Rue de Mail, Givenchy and Alexander McQueen amongst others.

Pleats have always been my my enemy. I haven't met yet a woman in her sane mind who liked ironing skirts with just too much pleats and complicated folds. Good thing there's always your next door neighbour dry cleaner and iron ladies who are more than willing and able to do this for a reasonable amount of money.John Galliano for Dior
I love Dior's super folded grey tube cocktail. It looks like something out of a manga comic book.. couture as it may be, it looks fun and something you can wear in your ex's wedding just to steal the crowd's attention from his bride. Hahaha. And the hat is so fab, I want to have one in black!

This is something I see Paris Hilton would be wearing in an MTV movie awards and the shoes is just perfectly handy just in case Sarah Silverman pulls an offensive joke once more...


Miss J.


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