Friday, 4 July 2008

A Bug's life.

Chihuahuas used to be the hottest accessory human beings could have especially for a hardcore night out. Ask Paris Hilton and she'll tell you how these little cuddly beasts could be the most fashionable piece of bling you could have especially if you'redesperate for some money shots from the paparazzi. After a couple of months after however the universe shifted and the likes of Lohan and Britney became the "must have" accessories. Poor Tinkerbell got ditched and from animals, Ms. Hilton's hottest accessories became party animals.

This year, beasts are out and bugs are in. From beetles to butterflies, from brooches to bags, be prepared to get infested with these beautiful insect homages by Miu Miu.

I have this creepy feeling that Kirsten Dunst must be the brains behind this collection . Afterall, she has spent so much time in grass and weeds before eventually signing up to AA. However, my better judgement tells me that it takes more than AA to come up with such fantastic creations ; Kirsten's designs would have only been fit for some Halloween action or worst, a high school science project but these Miu Miu insect extravaganza is the real thing and yes, I am itching for them.
I love the gigantic boots which reminds me of that of Balenciaga's but obviously with dragonflies. The color combination is just fabulous and the style itself is incredible. As for the price, I don't want to know. I think I settle to just looking at it, seriously.

Ahhh, these dragonflies lure me to go to the countryside and read Jane Austin all day. On the contrary however, I am off to Madrid with my gayfriends this weekend for the annual gay pride. Yup---high heels galore, big hair and make up and fabulous outfits!!! It's so fashionably good it's almost like fashion week---only that it's merrier, more colourful and the shoes sizes are much much bigger.


Thursday, 3 July 2008

It's all in the Head.

When I first saw Monic Tocados' collection of hats, bands and headdress the first thing that went through my mind was, "what's this?"I know Sarah Jessica Parker's hat in the London premier of SATC and her "bird" in the movie were wicked but Monic's creations were so gorgeous I was so tempted to email her to ask if she's joining the rebajas (sale) season which kicked off last Tuesday.

Swirling designs reminiscent of sinful ice cream cones, glittering jewels, stones and crystals, striking butterflies and crazy ornate--- everything that I should put head into. Enough of the Olsen twins' hippie headbands or celebrities wearing baseball caps. This is how you put all your divaness onto your head. It's all about drama this season especially when you are aiming for that much deserved attention without going to the Big Brother house to get some.

Monic has been featured in almost every fashion magazine in Spain and I wouldn't be surprised if I see another Carrie in one of her breathtaking collections.

I see the future Spanish Philip Treacy. I hope it won't get into her head.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Madness and Make-Ups

Okay, you can stop emailing now asking if I am still breathing. I am truly alive and kicking.

It has been madness on this side of the planet lately and I got caught by a tornado of events one after the other: the trucker's strike which left us without any supply of poultry products ( I don't care much about eggs and butter but meat and milk! arrgh!) for a couple of days; my ex-boyfriend Rafa Nadal bagging his 4th consecutive win in the French Open; reuniting with my friend Maan and her wonderful family after four long years; and the much waited anticipation on this year's EuroCup finals on Sunday between Germany and Spain which will leave me and the rest of non-sports fanatics sleepless and deaf due to the massive celebration to come. That is, of course if Spain wins. And oh, we are cooking something special for you in July as we hit Miami (swimsuit fashion show), Amsterdam and Antwerp fashion week so brave yourselves for that.

Anyway. It seemed like everything else is calm and quiet lately everywhere else , don't you think so? Aside from BryanBoy's fabulous fairytale come true story with the Marc Jacobs ostrich bag, Tom Ford's aggressive new ad campaign featuring a quite calm male genitalia (really Tom, you are getting boring us now to death), and NY times picking making up a big brouhaha over the gory details of cosmetic surgery making its way to every household via youtube (I can't understand what the fuss is all about. It's already on the telly anyway via "extreme make-over" programs)---nothing exciting is really happening around, don't you notice? Where's Amy Winehouse lately? Where's Britney and Lindsay? Where are all the trainwrecks? Agyness now sings but she's even good at it, I'm disappointed.

The most bizarre thing I have seen these past few weeks so far was Thom Brown's Fall 2008 men's collection which didn't make me jump off my seat either. On the contrary, I think it's humorously outstanding.

Hence, I felt like I didn't really miss anything from my vacation aside from my usual blogger friends who have been emailing and asking me if I got buried under a deep pile of couture gowns or something. Answer---I wish!


I was browsing on V-Magazine's website and they didn't disappoint me bit with this bone-jolting feature on Top 10 beauty looks for spring/summer 2008.

Let's digress:

We know that summer is all about sun sand and sea but don't you think being a mermaid is just taking the theme too much? Leave the scales to the fish, dammit.

Do I really want to look like a ho version of Goldilocks/ rag doll/ the joker, like this? Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder but sorry I just don't get it.

Post Amy Winehouse party, anyone? Nah. I'm more into Duffy nowadays.

Unless I'm an Adams Family member, I shouldn't be wearing any of this. Ever.

This is why you don't apply make up with tired hands. The eyeliner just goes all over the place.

Blue Lipstick? Oh well, it's the colour of the year. We forgive.

Voila! Somebody got it right this time although I am not really so excited about the eyebrows. Those bushy bits should be kept in the 80's where they belong, together with Brooke Shields.

For more make-up madness check out Vmagazine.

So the madness continues in Spain and tomorrow is the culmination day with the finals of the EuropCup 2008. I am not into sports activities at all but obviously would cheer for Spain if they win.

It's good exercise anyway, for the lungs.


Monday, 2 June 2008

June Random Picks

June bride or not, there's always something to celebrate this month. As for us here in MarbellaStyle, we are looking for the summer season to officially start (now!) and what's the best way to to calm down the nerves of anticipation but to do what we like best---shopping!

We've surfed the net better than Kelly Slater surfs the wave for this month's random best buys so ready girls, you're all in for a ride!

212 Splash by Carolina Herrera---Relieve yourself from the heat with this beautifully designed summer fragrance by the queen of elegance, Carolina Herrera. Hints of mandarin, jasmine and rose, this limited edition perfume will truly quench your skin's thirst for fresh fragrance.

Play princess with this gorgeous floral summer dress from Zara during the day and hit out those beach parties with this little flirty number exposing your tan, lean shoulders also from ZARA. I love the retro feel of this gives me some Studio 54 vibe. It's so elegant yet so slutty at the same time what do do you think?

The Comme des Garçons Knot bag is perfect to stuff all your beauty potions this season. We love the colorful, trendy design perfect if you're sick already of those oversized handbags. Exclusively available online at dover street market.

While you have a colorful bag for the day, go for the classic,elegant and breathtaking Bottega Veneta pouches going out at night. In lieu of the brand's 30th anniversary, the are doing a travelling exposition entitled " The Knot, A Retrospective" which highlights the brand's most famous and loved design ("The Knot"). The exposition will be travelling to 60 of its stores around the globe so check the site when it's coming to one near you. We fell in love with the Nero Jardin Knot and we are counting the days for the exposition to come to Spain!

And for our swimwear pick of course...

We are spicing things up this summer latin-style with brands like Agua Bendita, Maaji and Amazonia Swimwear.

We love latin girls and we think they are one of the hottest race on the planet. Why do think they win almost all beauty pageants? Because they are sensual, intrinsically sexy beings who are unabashed about their beauty especially with their body.

We are getting loca with their designs . Just a little bit of walking on the paseo and we can totally wear them next month. Fingers crossed.

Swimwear available at

And last but not the least...the reason why we might not wear those bootylicious swimwear at all... Ben and Jerry's Banana Split Ice cream! How can you resist a spoonful (or two) of this? Available in B&J stores in Canada only. Olé...temptation is far.

What's your favorite this month?


Goodbye YSL...

Yves Saint Laurent, one the greatest fashion designers of the 20th Century, has died in Paris at the age of 71.

The man who invented the power suit for women among many other beautiful things has passed away Sunday evening in the French capital.

You will forever be missed, Mr. Saint-Laurent.

The fashion industry will never be the same without you...

complete news here

Monday, 26 May 2008

Eye loves...

Another reason why I should go to Barcelona pronto: Fanzine 137!

I was looking for a good Spanish made photography magazine /book about fashion and otherwise when Google pointed me out to a NY Times' The Moment review of this wonderful creation of the brilliant Señor Luis Venegas. Mr. Venegas is the editor, creative director and publisher of Fanzine137 which is an independent art, image and fashion publication made in Spain.

Mr. Venegas is sort of a one man band with this endeavor which is wicked because he has the total liberty and control over the magazine---no pressures from advertisers, editors and dominatrix publishers. It's all just about his taste and man, does he have loads of them!

I would love to have a one interview with Luis and ask him what inspired him to create such publication which earns him accolades around the world. One of my favorite fashion photographer JD Ferguson even raved about him in his blog!

Too bad this magazine is not yet available here in Marbella and I'm sure shipping would cost me the world (it's 370 pages!) so I need to get my J.Lo ass to Barcelona soon to get some and to visit my lovely aunt out there and let's not forget some serious exercising (shopping) in Passeig de Gracia where I got my cateye eyeglasses last year. Speaking of eyeglasses, I'm wondering how many times one should change his/her glasses. I'm having worse vision recently maybe due to the change of weather (it's been ridiculously sunny here lately) or maybe I'm getting old, geeez, I'm turning 30 this year!

Anyway, I've been thinking of wearing contact lenses but my optician said my eyes are just too sensitive for them. I've tried using them before but they get dry easily leaving eyes itchy and red. I was surfing the net lately for good quality lenses and I found one very helpful site called LENSSHOPPER.COM. They help you find the best type of lenses suited for your eyes and for your money. Also, you can ask them anything about the products and what could be most effective for you. I will try to go to my optician to ask about disposable lenses---violet ones. I'm feeling some Liz Taylor vibe these days, don't ask me why.

Anyway, Barcelona and the optician. Two more things to do before summer officially starts. Ahhh, so many things to do, so little time.

Work it girls! Happy first day of the week!.


Friday, 23 May 2008

And now, a little bit of travelling.

Again, I was away from this blog a couple of days. I thought I had to enjoy the remaining days of my one month sabbatical before I start with the ratrace again. And what's the best way to forget about the harsh realities of life and to forget the image of your former boss which was a complete asshole? To get away and travel!

Spain is a vast country and although I have been here for four years now, I still haven't had the luxury of time nor the resources to see all its bounties. So, I embarked on a getaway to picturesque little towns away from the coast and experience the tranquil, laid back life of the country side.

First stop: Antequera.

Twenty-two miles north of the city of Malaga, Antequera which is known as the heart of Andalucia, is a perfect getaway place if you want some serenity in your life even just for a day. About one and a half hour by car, my friend and I visited the quaint, and picturesque town which is famous as well for it's bullfighting. The along the road to this place is breathtaking with acres and acres of olive plantations and dramatic rocky mountains.

A friend and I had lunch in the famous bullring restaurnt..yes, inside the bullring itself and is called...what else? Restaurante Plaza de Toro. The restaurant was built in the beginning of the 19th century and boasts not only of its history but of course, the very best of Spanish Gastronomy. Famous bullfihgter dine here after their "corrida" and is a favorite hang out to well-known flamenco singers.

The interiors of the restaurant is breathtaking, you would be transported back to the grandeur of olden Spain. It is located in underneath the bullring itself which makes it intimate and achingly romantic, perfect if you are with a special someone.

The food obviously is worth of a Michelin star and they have a massive wine collection from all over the country. Believe me, I would even exaggerate the superlatives to rave about the restaurant. You have to try it.

After lunch, we walked around town to see the churches and basically to observe the town whose pace even if much slower than of the coast, still celebrates their heritage, culture the good old fashion, laid back lifestyle which reminds me why we guiris (foreigners) are here in this part of the world, to begin with.


Thursday, 15 May 2008

Sexy Silhouettes

Christina Ricci's Givenchy dress seemed to have won the jackpot prize in this year's MET Costume Institute Gala. What made this gown so special aside from the fact that it was one of the few that actually stick with the "superheroes" theme? I say, it's all about the silhouette. And yes, the silhouette is making a dramatic comeback this season (or did it ever leave?) and it comes back with a fearless vengeance.

If you haven't gone to the gym lately to tone those sagging parts of your body, fret not sweethearts. You don't have to have J.Lo's bum or Madonna's toned muscles to actually look stunning in gowns and dresses layered and wrapped with tulle, nets, silk, nylon and rayon.

These ethereal pieces gives back sublimity to sexuality and sensuality without being lewd nor offensive. It makes sexuality intriguing once again by showing just the right amount of body details and leaves the rest to the imagination of the looker.

The runway was flooded with silhouette inspirations this year. From Marc Jacobs and his "nurses" to V.F. Vandervorst, Rodarte, Christopher Kane and Armand Basi and we will not be surprise if this trend will be a hurricane that will blow lewdness away brought about by the Tom Fords (who glorified pornography in the Gucci runway), D&G's gang rape ads and Joseph Fritzels of the fashion world...

photos from and

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Blogger, Beehives and Ballerinas.

I have been trying to do a new design/layout for this blog when I suddenly found out that some of my stuff vanished! yes, They vanished into thin air. I didn't know where they've gone, what happend to them and what the hell I can do to recuperate my files!

Significantly, I lost my blogroll for the Best Fashion Blogs in Spanish, my widgets, my Adsense and my badge for IFB and Fashion Mission! Good thing my friends Miss At La Playa and Martirio's Way emailed me wondering why they were not included in my roll! The truth is, I lost the whole lot!

So people, I apologize for what happened and Blogger please stop being naughty! It's not funny anymore. This is the second time it happened to me. When I was running my personal blog two years ago, I lost all of my pics!

If you were on our vanished blogroll, drop us an email at and we will gladly post you prontisimo!

On other notes, I am so glad that Channel 4 is now available for free viewing here in Spain! Last night I was able to watch the documentary about Amy Winehouse life entitled, Amy Winehouse: What Really Happened.
Actually, we all know what happened and what's happening to Amy these days. With just one click to Perez Hilton's page, you will have her latest drug ordeals, her lousy scumbag husband and her blood stained ballerina shoes. We see her brilliant career dying before our very eyes...we see her dying before our very eyes.

In this series, Journalist Jacques Peretti investigates the very root on the trainwreck's life and what he found out were two important things: 1. ) Her husband Blake was the one responsible for Amy's drinking and drug history; that none of these could have happened if Blake didn't initiated the girl on this kind of lifestyle and 2) that Amy is an emotional sponge absorbing all the heartaches and pain, wallowing on them and channelling them into brilliant melodies and rhythms which is now known as her music.

Several people were interviewed including Ms. Sylvia, her teacher in the theater school she attended, Blake's father, and some friend who has nothing enlightening to say about Amy than
" she likes sex".

It was a moving documentary although it failed to shed anything new or something significant that we haven't read yet in Perez's site. Nevertheless, it was a sweet look back on Britain's most infamous singer's life so far and her struggles between love, fame and health.
Pleaseeeee save the beehive, now!

Speaking of ballerinas---not Amy's bloodstained ones anyway---I have spotted these ballerina prints which I thought was very cool. One of which was Marnie Skilling's and the other one from Lilli Ann via El Fashionista. I love, I love to have a ballerina printed dress like these two. I think it would be the perfect dress to wear for the long awaited premier of Sex and the City (which will have an advance screening in London on the 28th of this month, two days before the grand opening in NY) wherein I would channel the Charlotte character. Yes, Ladies, I am a Charlotte at day, a Samantha at night. Too pessimist to be Carrie, too beautiful to be Miranda.

To bad, I'm neither in NY or London for the SATC premiere so instead, I'm gonna scan Ebay for this cuddly doll in a ballerina printed dress while we both wait for the Spanish-dubbed version to arrive on the coast. Nay!


Nutcrackling on the Swan Lake,
Miss J.


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