Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Blahs from the past week

The Luddite in me is extremely mad! My computer crashed about a week ago and until now I have to content myself with a Jurassic era VAIO laptop. However, being technically handicapped at the moment does not stop me to post some random ramblings for my beloved readers so with no further ado, here are the Blahs of the week.

Blah no. 1

If you are going to Madrid anytime soon, please check out their community news website for expats called MAP magazine. It is more or less like SUR in ENGLISH but in a wacky, fun and informative version. I just recently wrote an article for them about the REBAJAS so I hope you all like it. 300 words of shopping madness experience is a tough job (ask any girls you know) but in the end, I was glad it turned out fine. And yes, that's my real name. I was named after a popular Australian cave and thanks God I didn't turn out to look like a cavebat. Instead I glitter like a fierce stalactite. hehehehe.(I wish!)

Blah no. 2

Important: The Miz wil be shaking her booty in this party on Saturday, the 9th of Feb. Asi es, if you are coming as well, be sure to come fabulously dressed up becauseeeeeee........I will be taking PHOTOS of everyone The Sartorialist style. Yup, I'm gonna be posting your pics here on my YM blog and the one I have in Blogger and we will dissect everyone's fabulous sense of style. Don't worry guys I won't be mean. SO, get ready, come in your most quirkest, mouth watering, eye catching, outfit as my camera is waiting.

Thanks to the organizers for inviting me and if you want to get a reservation, visit www.myspace.com/faxside. See you there!

Blah no. 3


The shops are beginning to replenish their stocks so before they ran out of sale items, hit the stores now! SEPHORA in the centre of Marbella (near the horrid BURGER KING) is having a madness sale with their perfume last week (I said last week ok? I don't know if it is still on but there's no harm in visiting the store). LACOSTE and HUGO BOSS, etc. perfumes for 15 euros !!! Really cool. Available while supplies last.

TOPSHOP in LA CANADA: 12 euros jeans for men so girls, bring out your boyfriends for bargains.

H &M LA CANADA cool accessories like sunglasses, scarf and hats from 2.50 euros!

Happy shopping everyone.

Blah no. 4

I will be collaborating with Miss Rani in the I LOvE JEANS group in the Yourmarbella.com website so stay tune for more exciting updates on this one. Too bad my fashionista group went to limbo when the YM website had a facelift but anyway, Miss Rani and I will be spreading Jeans love and more in the coming days so be excited.

So there you go. Short and sweet Blahs of the week. I promise to update everyday using my poor little laptop which has been raped by so much viruses before but hey, I'm sure I'm gonna find some gorgeous technician to fix my PC and maybe, me as well. LOL. Kidding!!!!!!!!!!


Miss J.


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