Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Who cares about the weather?

a sale is a sale is a sale.

My friends Louise and Sheba called me at 9 am in the morning to go to the Miramar Mall in Fuengirola , Monday. Still recuperating from colds and flue I had during the weekend from my Granada trip to show the Alhambra to my visiting friends from Ireland, I gathered myself and at 10 am sharp, we entered the battlefield. And oh, my god, was it a battlefield! People everywhere as if it was the last day of the world; pushing, running,men , women, crying babies everywhere and the the queues to stores are endless. I thought it would be a perfect moment to get some pictures to rave and rant about in my blog so with the help of my Nokia phone (I'm not sure about using a digicam since it's too obvious and also, I don't know if the stores would allow to take photographs of their products etc.) I clicked, clicked and clicked my way to the mall with running colds and and heavy head galore.

First Stop: Vero Moda---after a slice of pizza for breakfast in the foodcourt (we were starving when we arrived), we immediately rushed to Vero Moda. I got super excited since Giselle Bundchen was their image model for w2007 collection, I was expecting loads of fab pieces from this European brand. I wasn't disappointed. Loads of shiny, glittering splendids innate to European fashion. I saw loads of Prada clones which was nice but the prices are still high. Will wait till week 3 of the rebajas for a much needed vengeance. Bought: nada. zero. pricey.

Jack and Jones / Pepe Jeans---I'm not really into sporty clothing ( Ok. I'm not sporty, I don't go to the gym, I don't like physical torture, ok?) but my girlfriends pulled me here so I didn't have a choice. I was surprised that behind those hoodies, jumpers and jeans, they've got some girly stuff as well. I love the shorty-shorts with yellow ribbon/belt as well as funky floral dress which is perfect for turtlenecks and leggings.

More walking, window shopping, checking, loitering, and before we could go to Spain's most beloved retail store Zara (love it!), my head was already swirling and I had to take a paracetamol tablet. I hated myself for going out in such condition. I should have just stayed home, curled up on my bed watching Spendaholics on BBC but hey, who wouldn't want to miss the first day of sale? No one.
Zara was full. Super full and with my condition, I didn't have the energy nor the enthusiasm to try look for great pieces so while my friends were pulling hair with other women for some Burberry Prosum clones, I content myself with amazing bags abandoned by the crowd. I really love these oversized bags. Original price 120 euros. Now, 59.95!

I promise to make a separate entry for ZARA in the coming days . Let's save the best for last.

Next, Stradivarius /Pimkie---funky clothes for the younger generation. Loads of shiny clubwear. That's my friend Louise trying on a Stradivarius top.
Pieces from Pimkie
I wish I have Susie Bubble's artistic flair. I know she could think of something to make out of this one. This metallic/silver latex leggings stared at me intently but I just couldn't imagine seeing myself wearing it! I bought it anyway just in case I get a chance to travel to Mars or something. OR Halloween perhaps. :)

That's my girlfriend Sheba eagerly waiting for summer to arrive. Dress by Dorothy Perkins.12 euros.

Super hot pants! I love , I love, the Kylie Minogue-ish style of these two. (click the image to enlarge). From Stradivarius. I got the denim one. Hope not to gain more weight till summer or else...
Very chic dress from Dorothy Perkins. Ideal for office . Black stockings, platform shoes, and accessories galore, I imagine.
Cute summery top from Dorothy Perkins, again.

And last but not the loveliest buy of the day...Chanel sunglasses. 130 euros . I didn't have the energy to try on much clothes so I focused myself trying on hassle free things. I didn't need to queue to the changing rooms. All I needed was a mirror and some model attitude---extreme model pouts.

We finished at about five in the afternoon and to say the least, I was exhausted and super sick, I threw up. Yes, I did.

After a cup of chamomile tea and loads of paracetamols, I tried to sleep. Outside it was raining and the cold was unbearable. I gave my Chanel one last look before I doze off.
Who cares about the weather?



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