Friday, 11 January 2008

Hello, Gorgeous?

First it was the D&G's gold mobile phone. Now, it seems every designer is lending their names to big telecom companies such as Giorgio Armani for Samsung.

Armani Phone at 599

I understand that everything in this day and age is about image. I understand that if I were a celebrity, I would rather be dead than be caught using a Jurassic era Nokia phone with a green LED screen that plays some obscure classical music as ringtone.

I understand that if were a bigshot businessman, I would definitely impress my clients with my iphone or the latest Blackberry which enables me to surf the Internet, even check some pornsites while having power lunch with an important client. I understand that mobile phones are necessities, not wants. I understand that we can't live without it (although I admire people who can).

What I don't understand is why normal people like me would want to get a thousand euro worth of mobile phone when nobody seems to care to send me messages, or if they do, chances are, I left my phone at home or something. When I want to get in touch with someone, I call. I don't need the most complex features which makes me anxious and angry sometimes. I don't want to press 20 times to get the letter "A". I don't want to get into several folders before I can see who texted me. The only time I need my phone's camera is when I go to shops to take photos secretly otherwise, I use my digicam hence I don't need my mobile to have 10 megapixels which slows down everything. No, I don't need to wait 20 minutes to download and read a simple message.

I don't need complications in life. But then again, it's just me.

If you are luxurious and would kill for everything signature, here are your choices from The Phonehouse, the leading mobile phone distributor in Spain:

Prada. Now 399 euros from 599.
Ted Baker 299 euros
Hummer 239 euros


LEVI'S 299 euros

If Lanvin would come up with one soon, now that's a different story.

What about you? What's your phone? Hello...hello?


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