Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Marbellastyle: The (fabulous) Year that was.

It was a sandy runway nevertheless, we walked it through with grace and style.

2007 was good to MarbellaStyle. Thanks to the men and women who read us and continue to do so, our fashion blog from this side of Spain is averaging an awesome 200 visits per day (combination of first time and returning visits) and we hope to double it up this year.

Rewind: MarbellaStyle was born in the summer of last year out of two girls' hunger for fashion and design information in the coast which was virtually unavailable. True, there are websites dedicated to shops and stores in the area but all of which are purely advertorial and publicity intended. We wanted more than looking at nice pictures---we wanted to talk about it. learn more about it and correlate it with what's happening in fashion, globally. With this goal in minds, we created this blog and we couldn't believe how much it's grown in a span of months!

Achievements in 2007: MarbellaStyle has been featured in a massive American website for fashion and design, Coutorture as a MUST READ FOR THE DAY, twice! (click here and here to view). Also, our most popular entry for the year, MEN ON HEELS have been re-blogged and talked about in different internet forums both in Spanish and English. That particular entry marked our first 200 in a day and now, it is still growing.

Swags are next in line (mood: excited!) as we have been contacted by several designers and pr companies to feature their latest products.

What's in store for us this year? A Lot. Marbellastyle is always on the lookout for the best in fashion, style and design in Spain and now, we have added another feature which I'm sure will be a lot of interest to our loyal readers---Travel. Yup, last year, we swam and partied in IBIZA and got totally enamoured with Gaudi and the shops in Barcelona; this year, our travel plans will be wider in scope and of course, we will share it with you!

Also, there will be interviews with fashion personalities, movers and shakers in the part of the globe so hang on in there because the best is yet to come.

Many Thanks to all of us who have supported us and let's rock 2008.

Mil Besos!

Miss J.


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