Sunday, 10 February 2008

Big Girls You Are Beautiful

With the end of the NY Fashion Week, I am pretty sure everyone (even Anna Wintour) would want a big slab of juicy beef steak or a Big Mac after seeing lovely anorexic, almost zombie girls hitting the catwalk last week.

Here in Spain, the fashion industry is much more stricter when it comes to a model's weight. Last year, the Pasarela Cibeles (Madrid Catwalk) banned super skinny models and opted for "the healthier" looking ones. In Europe (correct me if I'm wrong), Spain is the only country where this kind of regulations is being strictly observed due to the rising cases of anorexia and bulimia among young people. Only last week, The Ministry of Health released another research finding which helps spanish women understand their body even better by defining it into three categories: cylindrical, bell and hour-glass shaped.

Hence, more and more Spanish brands are designing their products to suit these measurements. Among the firsts is MANGO, where Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica collaborate for. In their 2008 catalogue the brand features collections dedicated to the curvier, voluptuous women. I surprisingly like the collections, to be honest. It was more inspiring than the Cruz sisters' designs, anyway.

I am all for health and wellness and I believe that there should be more campaigns to create awareness and inspiration for women to be happy or at least be comfortable with how they weigh and how they look. We can't all be Gemma, Carmen, Naomi or Kate but we can transcend our beauty given the right clothes, hair, make up and a little bit of prayer.

All together now: Inner Beauty.


Just curious: Honestly, If you were as big as Queen Latifah, would you go on a diet or would you rather just choose the right style (e.g. clothes, hair, etc.) that would complement your weight?

I need some honest to goodness barkings.


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