Thursday, 7 February 2008

"I Want My Invites, Now!" the Pasarela Cibeles(Madrid Catwalk). The grandest gathering of Spain's best and brightest designers is on next week Feb. 11-15. Promising showstoppers include veterans Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (the wonderfully loca), Victorio y Lucchino (my favourites) and brilliant newcomers like Luxoir and Joseph Abril.

With this years list of entry, I'm keeping my eye glued on a name which spells elegance, drama and class---a far cry to the character that Anthony Hopkins popularized of the same name. Ladies, meet the man who you would want to wear in your next social gatherings---
Hannibal Laguna.

(click the pictures to enlarge)

Hannibal will unleash his latest collections on the last day of the Pasarela, fitted for a dramatic ending to the most glamorous week in fashion.

His cuts, shapes and drapes exude femininity in the most seductive order and I just love how the Spanish sense of style is reflected in his collections---bad, bold, brazen and definitely confident.

Hannibal's creations are very dramatic and I, as a drama queen myself would like to celebrate this opportunity to request the PR companies of each and every label of those who are hitting the Madrid catwalk to send me an invite for their shows.

Dear PR officer,

This is Miss J. from the one and only fashion blog in English in the South of Spain--MarbellaStyle. I would like to ask your dear office to send me an invite for the Pasarela Cibeles next week. I live, breathe and eat fashion and would, in the future, die fashionably and I hope you could give me a chance and my 200 readers a day to see and decipher what the Spanish will bring the world this year.

Okay, cut the crap.
Let me rewrite that (BLOGGER, where is the fucken strikethrough command in this blog???? I always wanted to use that but don't know where to find it, I'm desperately in need of using it!!!).

Dear Bitches of the Spanish Fashion industry,

Here's the deal: Give me an invite and I promise to give you an audience with MONEY. Yes, People who can actually buy your collections so that it would not rot in shop next to a tapas bar somewhere in the fields with goats and sheep. I have 200 hundred readers a day (most of which are just to lazy to leave comments but they have lots of dough I tell you), majority of which comes from the U.S. of A. and obviously comes from MARBELLA---the land of luxury cars, mafias, old rich, high class prostitutes and mistresses who jet set and would not think twice of buying a pair of 3 thousand worth of Blahniks for pleasure. We both know that this part of Spain is the playground of the rich, famous and wannabes so why not invite me so I can spread the word to this people?

I run another popular blog in this city's social networking website and you can't penetrate them more than that. I promise you give me the invites, I give you the moolah.

If you are still not satisfied with that, here's another reason why you should invite me: I have loads of fierce and fabulous blogger friends in the blogosphere so if you have got what it takes to be talked about by this people, you better work on that guestlist rightaway!

I know this request is a little bit late now so I don't mind to see Thursday or Friday show. Email me and be prepared to be graced with my presence.

The high priestess of fashion in Costa Del Sol,
Miss J.

P.S. If this request does not work, beware of my spam emails tomorrow! hehehe.



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