Sunday, 3 February 2008

Luxoir: Kaleidospic Androgyny

God, I hope MAP gives me the assignment next week to cover the Pasarela Cibeles (Madrid Fashion Week). This is such an important event that happens only once a year, I promise to do good deeds like giving up criticizing Penelope and Monica Cruz and their tasteless designs for MANGO, to be on the front row (okay, third row would suffice) in this year's much awaited pasarela.

Also, I am excited to see LUXOIR's latest designs which, after browsing their website, makes me want to cut my hair Agyness-style and wear pants more and channel the art of being androgynous.Coming from different facets of art such as photography, fashion and designs, Antoine Navarro and Víctor Pao, the brains beind the brand Luxoir must have a lot to tell us. Their design is a fusion of bold colours, bizaare cuts, wrapping and draping which surprisingly works well. Unconvential as they may seem, it is undeniable that their sense of street style exudes energy and highly imaginative.

Although they began designing menswear, they are slowly branching out to designing for women too which is definitely exciting. Luxoir's charm comes within the gender line that it crosses. A lot of the colors and styles might be too much for a real man but again, too much is never enough if you live and breathe fashion. For women however, you might be just glad to know that Luxoir is never too masculine to indulge with. Suits, hats, scarves and those mini shortpants will work wonderfully with high heels and your favorite oversize bag.

Luxoir designs remind me of United Colors of Benetton in their massive days in the late 80's and the 90's---the colors, the energy, the bubblyness and everything. I was crazy about them in those days but I guess some good things really never last especially when you find out that from a major streetwear brand, Benetton is now designing condoms as well. sigh.

Luxoir might just be the next Benetton in the future when it comes to popularity. However, unlike Benetton, Luxoir has fangs, wings and claws and a hundred times more fashionable for the streets.

Catch Luxoir at the Pasarela Cibeles on Friday, the 15th of Feb. at 16:00. For more info check out


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