Monday, 11 February 2008

Panic at The Disco!

Having worked in magazines in Manila for a couple of years, I missed the glitz, glamour and perks of being part of the press such as being invited to parties. That's why when I was invited by FAXSIDE, a party organizer here in Spain to attend
The Elisir Party @ MINT Marbella featuring the very blonde International DJ Elisabeth Mugler, the party animal in me was re-awakened and I just couldn't wait to shake my booty again, VIP style.

So, with my friend Connie, we hit the club after 1 am when the party was just heating up. We were welcomed by FX party owner
Fabio and his beautiful business partner, Isolda. I originally planned to take this opportunity to take pics and post them in this site Sartorialist Style, but after a couple of drinks, the pictures turned out more of "paparazzi" style than anything suited for a fashion dissection.

FAXSIDE's Fabio and DJ Elisabeth Mugler

The party kicked off officially with some out of this world house music accompanied by beautiful Brazilian go-go's. The female dancers were just so fit, I am now thinking of enrolling myself to a CAPOEIRA class to get those toned muscles. And the costume....whew! Feathers, glitters, sequins, I mean what more can you ask for?

The booze flooded and while Miss Mugler fiercely span the record, everybody was just like in a trance bobbing their heads up and down, hands in the air which then evolved in
some jumpings. This is the best clubbing experience I had since the one in PACHA in IBIZA, July last year. Yes, the club was diminutive as compared to PACHA's villa like abode but music wise, I believe that the blonde DJ is very, very promising.

Elisir is a one night only party though with the success of that night, we're sure that we'll see more of it. Fabio on the other hand was very excited to tell us that on the 8th of March, another big party is brewing up and that it's a massive thing we could not afford to miss.

Then tragedy happened:
As the party heated up, my camera's cheap alkaline batteries got out of power (I was so busy that afternoon wondering where to get my ceramic hair iron, I just used my spare batteries which I bought a couple of months back) !

To make matter worse, a professional photographer from another Marbella Website came in equipped with ID's and all so everyone wanted to get their photos taken. After we succumbed to his massive camera ourselves, he gave us his business cards which lead me to panic no. 2---I
realized I didn't bring any business cards for that so necessary business networking purposes !

I blamed it all to the hair iron.

So here's some of the pictures taken by yours truly after a couple of vodka tonic and entrepreneur mishaps. Thanks again to the most perfect host, Fabio and the lovely Isolda for the night well danced for. Cheers!

best dressed of the night: Isolda. Love the little black dress with the oversized belt and green net stockings!

Why are club security so well dressed (and sexy)? lol

They fall down from the skies to attend this party. Yeah.

Simple and sweet. I kinda like it.
My friend Connie with another gorgeous club staff

Brazilian bod on the move!
N0, he didn't have an accident. It's a fashion statement.

Holy Smoke
DJ Mugler on the move.
Isolda again with 2 evil sistahs!



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