Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Vivienne Westwood: Propaganda

The Grand Dame of British fashion who encourages people to stop buying and buying and buying is on another exciting project once again---a manifesto that she started almost four years ago entitled PROPAGANDA.

While a website was created specifically for it, the project summarizes as : active resistance to propaganda through art. The latest initiative regarding this endeavour is the launch of the book the luxurious Vivienne Westwood Opus, an immense publication: 80xcm x 64cm, 25 pounds, nine different cover designs, and a hundred signed copies available from each of them. In the interior 97 large-format Polaroids on which models, friends and family of the designer, pose with their creations alongside texts that support this manifesto.

I just love the irony behind this woman: she creates loads of fabulous clothes that she knows everybody will kill to have. On the other hand, she is against conspicuous consumption. I still can't get it but I hope the books will hit the internet soon for free readings to know what her propaganda is really all about.Amen and God Bless the Fashion dame.


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