Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The Bearable Lightness of Being

In 2007, fashion editorials took a sudden re-interest in models and these human mannequins stole the limelight from the clothes. The death of the "supermodel" phenomenon in the 80's was resurrected and from total anonymity, models are once again called in their first names such as Gemma, Daria, Raquel, Sasha and Doutzen among others. The names become more convoluted and unpronounceable such as Agyness, Freja Suvi, Hye, Vlada and Snejana but however complex they may sound, they only promise one thing---Stardom.

This year however, the clothes itself comes back with a vengeance stealing the limelight which was justly theirs. And oh, what a light comeback! They came dancing with the wind,moving, swaying dancing, too merry that they have reconquered the pages of the fashion bibles everywhere!

The first time I noticed about this concept making a comeback was when I saw the LANVIN campaign for summer 2008. Of course everybody knows about it by now---Olga sheerer in her fierce, almost scary look (reminds me of Tim Burton and his Night Before Christmas Characters, I dunno why) with the beautiful orange gown that almost looked like a watercolor painting splashed in a canvass. While surfing the net yesterday, I saw these pictures that made my heart stop in a second. Feast your eyes on these bounties, my lovely minions:

Invitacion á la danse

VOGUE España in its March issue also ran a similar concept but this time, with splash--no--a tsunami of colors:

To see these kinds of editorials is a breathe of fresh air and different from the usual choreographed, stiff Zoolander poses of models wearing super tight clothes that we mortals are so uncomfortable to even try. The lightness and freedom that these clothes represent is lovely. Don't get me wrong. I am all for models in fact, every girl has a little model aspirations hiding in her heart and I am not an exception.
The clothes taking the limelight on the fashion pages is wonderful. Seeing clothes freely flowing in the air is much better and it doesn't matters who wears them.


Photo credit: Rasta Fashion . Details of the pics Invitacion á la danse could be seen in his site.


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