Tuesday, 4 March 2008

A Different Tone for Bryan Adams

Artists shifting gears into something quite different always receive mix reviews and acceptance from the public. Take , for example, Irish Musician Glen Hansard whose film debut garnered him an Oscar for Best Song while Mariah Carey’s Glitter didn’t glitter at all in the box office but instead marked a long lasting eclipse in her attempt to invade the big screen.
Arnold Schwarzenegger switched from terminator to governor while actors struggling to become accomplished directors like Antonio Banderas still have got to make a massive hit to be able to be in the ranks of Spielberg and Lucas.
The list of this artist trying to make a mark in a totally different facet of art is endless. Some of them succeed, a lot of them don’t. That’s why we are just so happy to know that Bryan Adams, yes, the 90’s heartthrob whose songs, in one way, or another melted our hearts, is doing well in his shift from doing musical tones, to color tones.
Proof that he is doing well is his latest project, the GUESS campaign which is obviously a homage to Sophia Lauren ( I wonder why didn't get Penelope Cruz to do the campaign. Everyone is saying that she is the new Sophia Lauren, she even posed for Pirelli calendar with her to boot. I guess because she models and designs :( for MANGO).

Bryan's strength in my view is his genius use of light and shade. His ability to use these two brilliantly shows in every black and white photos which for me are better than his coloured ones. This doesn't lessen his talent as a photographer though. His celebrity shots in colours are equally astounding including my favourite photographs of Lindsay Lohan, Tilda Swinton, Amy Winehouse amongst others.
feast your eyes for a moment:
Lindsay Lohan

Tilda Swinton
Kate Moss
Victoria Beckham
Amy Winehouse

every photographer's dream subject/model: The Queen.

If you think that bryan only does celebrity and fashion shots, think again. He also dabbles into photojournalism and the results are intriguingly interesting.

To view Bryan Adams' complete portfolio, click HERE.

I've been thinking of switching careers lately as well but I figured out being a diva is enough.



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