Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Manolo Blahnik, Model.

To interview an icon must be difficult for any journalist. One should choose the right questions, calculate the tone, and articulate himself in a way that would not sound intimidating or submissive to the interviewee. As a journalist myself in my heydays, I confronted different kinds of people above and under social hierarchies and believe me sweating palms, manic heartbeats and loss of concentration are the last things that you want to suffer with especially when you are faced with the famous and sometimes, the infamous.

That is why, hats off to Vogue España’s Sara Fernandez Castro who--- having faced with two prominent figures in the country, one of which is an icon and a myth--- has delivered a fantastic interview in this month’s edition on Maribel Verdú, one of Spain’s top actresses, and The Manolo Blahnik.

Ms. Verdú, beautifully dressed and accessorized with some of the best names you can think of---Chanel, Bvlgari, Cartier, Gucci, Cavalli, Dior and Dolce and Gabbana amongst others---shares her triumph in the recently concluded GOYA awards (Spain’s version of The Oscars) having bagged the Best Actress Category For Siete Mesas del Billar Francés (Seven French Billard Tables). For non-Spanish moviegoers, you must have seen her in award winning films like Y tu Mamá Tambien with Gael Garcia Bernal and Mexico’s official entry for Best Foreign Film in last year’s Oscars, Pan’s Labyrinth (Laberinto Del Fauno).

The interview on the Spanish actress was just the tip of the iceberg though; in a five course meal, the appetizer. The real star of the feature (which he rightfully deserve anyway), was Manolo himself. The rare interview shows another face of the mythical designer that I’m sure Carrie Bradshaw doesn’t know about. He candidly talks about his love and respect for fellow artists such as Galliano among others and his passion for Spanish films, well, the film industry and its stars, as I may say.. He talks about Greta Garbo (which he described as very Swedish, very dry) and his surreal encounter with her in New York over breakfast and croissants. He also shares his admiration to French film actress Anouk Aimee and Italian diva, Claudia Cardinale, both of which have been screen goddesses in their years and hailed as icons in their own respective countries.

Having worked with Sophia Copolla in the screen adaptation of Marie Antoinette’s life (the film was a total disappointment by the way) Mr. Blahnik was pleased to know that the Spanish actress Verdu is currently doing a film for the older Copolla. He only had good words for the family and quite excited to see Verdu's appearance on the said project.

Here are some of the shots In Vogue España's March issue shot at The Gore Hotel in London:

“ I like to collaborate with people like Galliano or Christopher Kane; they have passion, fire and we speak the same language.”

Speaking of THE Blahnik, his latest collection is as a kaleidoscopic fierceness and I'm sure Carrie Bradshaw will be pleased to know that the shoes, as always, boast glam, more straps and buttons and yes, more and more inches to boot. Here are the sketches of the collection from his website, www.manoloblahnik.com

My take on the shoes: The fierceness and the sophistication is truly fit for the red carpet and because the shoes range from a thousand dollars and up, only a fitting star or starlet can get these coveted gems. We can only dream...and I want a purple, strappy pair to cuddle with.



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