Friday, 21 March 2008

The Sartorialist soon The Designer.

Seems like Spain's national paper, EL PAIS, is in love with fashion bloggers. Two of the grand names in fashion blogging were featured in the paper's Sunday supplement for two consecutive weeks. First was the sartorialist himself, Scott Shuman and a week after, it was the the high priestess of fashion blogging, Diane Pernet of A Shaded View of Fashion.

My Spanish is not yet perfect and Google translation is not much of a help either but I've tried my best to translate it the best I could so here it is, let's do Mr. Schuman first and tomorrow, Mr. Pernet.

10 Questions for The Sartorialist:

The elegant man has come back. Where has he been all this time?

The media has been fixated with the young for years and years now. They have ignored the matured gentlemen and with more style. The kind of persons I am looking for. Elegance can come out young and cool.

How can you define what you do?
I take photographs of people with style on the streets. Men, particularly; big small, fat, handsome, ugly. I don't care as long as it tickles my imagination. The result---my blog which is my way to help the people.

Why did you decide to do it in the streets?
Hobby. I like street photographs of street fashion. But I didn't feel that I can identify with the things that I was doing before. (taking pictures of ) People in the clubs, at night, dressed like Papagayos (a certain kind of bird). My option is to portray people in their real lives.

When did you find out that you have turned into something important?
I don't remember. I started receiving emails saying that my work was something significant. Today, my blog receives between 55,000 to 60, 0000 visits a day.

Obviously, you think that the manner of dressing is an act of self-expression...
Of course. I, for example when I go out in the morning for breakfast, I wear a hat, jeans and a sweatshirt by Jill Sander, sending a message to the world.

Do you live in a perfect world like what your photos suggest?
Absolutely not. I am a portrait of a distinct person. I don't judge anyone.

How do you react when you see someone whose way of dressing you consider boring?
I try not to look. if not, I'm gonna get crazy. There's a lot of photographers who like to dwell on the negative aspect, I stay with the positive. I don't give lessons, I only look for inspirations.

Are you thinking of designing clothes as well? I will. A certain company is interested for me to do so. It is still early to talk about it.

Is there anything that you wouldn't wear?
Cowboy boots.

I wouldn't be surprise if Mr. Schuman will become a very good designer in the future. His intensive background in fashion, business and photography makes him a complete package to build an empire that would challenge today's best names in the industry.

Here's my favourite pics recently from the Sartorialist website:

We are looking forward to see Mr. Schuman's design to hit the high streets. I just hope it's gonna be affordable so that we, mortals can actually buy it.

The Sartorialist, Spain always waits for you.



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