Friday, 7 March 2008

Sweet Dreams in DREAMERS

Skipping our usual office lunch hours my friend Connie and I headed off to DREAMERS last Wednesday to take a first look and get a first hand info from owner Michael and designer Ali, on what’s happening and what to look forward to as the mythical club re-open its doors once more to receive the fabulous Costa De Sol.

Welcome back, DREAMERS!

I thought it was more of PACHA in IBIZA while my friend said it was more of New York. Ali, Dreamer’s interior designer said it was actually a fusion of the club culture and style that he has acquired from his
globetrotting. From the biggest club scenes in NY, Paris, London to the party islands of Greece, St. Tropez and Ibiza to name a few, Ali has definitely acquired a taste for club style which seemed like cocktail of elegance and class without losing the fun factor.

The interiors were breathtaking (and we are talking here on daylight where nothing was still draped by colorful strobe lights) from the entrance, you will be greeted with a massive dancefloor which is expected to be packed especially come summertime. Ushered by Michael, DREAMERS’ owner, we were toured on VIP lounges which were all sponsored by topclass spirits like Moet Chardon, among others. I personally love how they thought of putting pink matte sofa on the second floor instead of the usual boring black furniture. Ali raved about the lights and the priceless sound system they used for this season and oh, how can we miss the fabulous DJ booth---the gigantic half-cut disco ball! It reminded me of Madonna's dramatic entrance on her Confessions tour last year. Very cool.
(from l to r: Michael,Ali and Norma. Owner and organizers of the event)

The Party

We expected it to be busy but we didn't expected it to be massive! Press people and collaborators filled the skylounge and the booze flowed for free til about two in the morning. Downstairs, the dancefloor was heating up as one of Spain's best Djs , Wally Lopez, prepared himself to the beautiful havoc that was expected of him. Soon enough, he spanned the discs and everybody's jumping all over like mad! His repertoire was brilliant and as the disco ball booth captured and flashed the lights through we joined the crowd in an endless gyration.

Here are some of the pics we've taken during the party. I was on the look out for the most stylish people but as usual, the vodka tonic impaired my visuals.

Best dressed of the night--Norma and friend.

Winners of MarbellaStyle's invites raffle

Connie and friend

Dj Tiesto! Carl Cox! Eric Morillo! They've all been here!

Cristal, not meth.

This guy was dancing in front of me. Bulges in all the right places.Picture perfect. :)

Cute Kimono Girl

Love the red tie

My favorite character of the night: The Disco Ball Man! Ohhh, he was so lovely. I'm thinking of wearing one of those in Halloween.

DREAMERS is back in town. With the summer season just a few months ahead, tourists and residents will be served with some heavenly clubbing time once more. This is the place to dream...a sweet one.

Besos and have a good weekend everyone!

Special Thanks to Julia Giraudo, DREAMERS' admin. dept. Cheers, girl!


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