Sunday, 20 April 2008

Because Gisele Bundchen is not racist...

As you very well know by now, the VOGUE cover featuring NBA star LeBron James and supermodel Gisele Bundchen aroused massive racist attacks all over the world. Poor James who has been called Kingkong, Tarzan among others said to have portrayed a stereotype of a black athlete as a savage animal. Well, the issue came to its rest while the topic of racism in fashion will always be something that will go on infinitely.

Two weeks ago, El Pais, Spain's national newspaper, featured breathtaking images of the Brazilian model in a rip off of the Vogue cover but totally making up for the racist insinuations the magazine has provoked.

Shot by the hottest Norwegian photographer of the moment, Solve Sundsbo ( I'm so inlove with him I spent hours reading bout his works etc.) , it features Gisele on a total body contact, ear-biting, hugging, dancing action; a far cry to the "Me Tarzan, you Gisele Bundchen" that was.

We love the photographs and kudos for Gisele for her professionalism allowing those hands to tenderly caress her precious face to the point of sticking a finger to her mouth. It's not because those are black hands, minions, it's because as a general rule, you don't put your hands on your face because of the germs. You don't want to get zits, pimples and other rashes especially if you are a top model, do you?

The photos were totally magnificent and it's a shame that the whole world wasn't able to see it as it was circulated only in Spain. El Pais was clever, though. They knew the brouhaha surrounding the VOGUE issue so they jumped on the idea and turned into a politically correct view. It was entitled "The Spirit of the Body, The Density of the Spirit" (El Espíritu del Cuerpo, La Densidad del Espíritu) which was basically about uniting the spirit with the body; how to take care of the body and all those boring almost self-help shiz that you read in beauty pages of ELLE and MARIE CLAIRE.
It featured a dancer (whose name surprisingly wasn't even mentioned in the article. Hmm...smells racism? Don't ask me) and the supermodel dressed and adorned with the likes of Louis Vuitton, David Yurman, Norma Kamali, and Cartier among others. Which makes me think: I would achieve a total body and spirit unification if I wear Louis Vuitton and get painted with all the MAC colours and Clinique products. Clever.

Breathtaking the photos may very well be, it was just an eight pages filler for a Sunday supplement and obviously, it didn't make a round of applause or controversy like what VOGUE had. I guess it all boils down to traditional advertising: racism just like sex, SELLS.


all photos scanned from El Pais semanal: Belleza.


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