Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Falling for the Villainess

I admit, I have always been enthralled by female antagonist. While heroines like Cinderella and other Disney princesses are usually frail, insecure and defenseless (always waiting for Prince Charming to rescue them), the villainess are always independent secure and fabulous. Cruella deVille definitely has some black and white fashion sense within her while queen Malificent is always magnificent with her out of this world costume.
As twisted as it may sound I love them and their wicked fashion sense. Whoever thought of their costume should have had his/her own high street brand which I'm sure I will visit Halloween or not.

Here's some of my favourite stylish movie villainess:

1. Of course, Miss Miranda Priestly (above) from the Devil wears Prada. She is the most stylish devil ever. Full stop.

2. Julia Roberts in My Wedding Friend's Wedding: Scheming bitch who wants to steal the groom at the last minute. Didn't win but won the title America's Sweetheart, instead. Her fashion sense was corporate and casual but she looked fab in her bride's maid gown.

3. Lucy Liu in Kill Bill: you wouldn't wanna mess with a girl who can cut you in halves and breaksevery bone in your body, would you? I love her kimono on the film, I'm actually scanning e-bay for one for myself.
If you think that all Oriental girls are gentle, meek, mild-mannered and bow to every single word you say, think again. They kick ass too! Dangerous.

4. Angelina Jolie in Original Sin: I think Jennifer Aniston still thinks that she totally represents the word "villainess". If you haven't seen this film, rush to your nearest videoshop and see how she stole not only Antonio's heart but also his money. Check out Ms. Jolie's costume as well. I love her demure/slutty period costume. It's hot and sexy as the movie itself.

5. Susan Sarandon in Enchanted: Actually, her costume was actually flattering for her age. It draped her still nice body and well, she was the scariest antagonist since the monsters in ALIEN and PREDATOR movies. They're of the same family though as she turned into a beast at the end of the film as well.

Going back to the real world, my favourite villainess would be Amy Winehouse. Why? She 's become the most frightful enemy of herself! Bless her.

This year's fall collection is full of some beautiful villainess inspiration. Check this out:

Alexander McQueen:(this is the new villainess crown, y'all!)

(What do you do when you see someone with hair like this? Run!)

A.F. Vandervorst
(Leather dominatrix?)

Gareth Pugh

(reminds me of Alien vs Predator)

Francesco Scognamiglio
(Beware: She's not only cruel on animals but on humans too!)

After seeing all of this wicked fall for fall 2008, bring out the inner bad girl in you and check out your personal villainess name here. It's really fun and I cracked myself when I found out my friends 'villain names as well as mine.

Enjoy and Besos from Spain!

The Shrivelled Succubus


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