Tuesday, 22 April 2008

If you think your boyfriend is THAT gorgeous...

...then sign him up to this year's VMAN.COM/ FORD MODELS models search.

The winner will be awarded with a modelling contract by the said agency and will be on the cover of Vman photographed by Hedi Slimane. I say this is Very exciting, Very sexy and Very good if your other half is game in becoming the next Derek Zoolander.

Since I don't have one at the moment to throw at the cockfight, Let me just introduce to you the one that I think will have a great chance of bagging the coveted price. Ladies and high-heel wearing men who visit my site daily...please welcome: Karsten Sollors from Canada!

Karsten (sounds like a real model, huh!) is 24, stands 6´1" and ranks 12th among the hundreds of contestants.

Looks at those abs, those eyes and those razor sharp cheekbones! My goodness. this is love at first sight!

Anyway, let's help this baby win. And Calvin Klein please, give him an underwear project, pronto!

Vesos!...I mean Besos to all!

Click here: for more mouth watering model to be's.


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