Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The Only Thing Missing is Jake...

Design Public's new covers and pillows make me think that I should get more sleep than usual. You see, even if I count loads and loads of sheep every night my body conspires to shut off all it's senses at exactly two in the morning. Maybe it's the excessive caffeine intake, maybe its too much mind exercise (a.k.a. thinking) but whatever it is, sleep is just so evasive to me these days unless I lull myself to sleep with an Ian Mcewan novel, a Vanessa Paradis album or counting the immense amount of sheep in Brokeback Mountain which always end up with very naughty images of Jake Gyllenhall in my head.


This month Design Public (DP) has lined up some very refreshing designs reminiscent of the wonderful scenery of that Ang Lee film. Silhouettes of bamboos, leaves and shrubs in shades of earth colours, these will definitely give your bedroom a light and relax feel of a botanical garden.

Designed by Amenity’s Nicole Chiala and Kristina de Corpo, The stunning bedroom must haves also come with wall arts and are available in all the same designs as their bedding.

Pillows start from 79 US dollars and Duvet covers start from 300 US Dollars but don't fret because it's free shipping from 50 dollars order if you are in the U.S. of A.

For more info and shipping details check out DP's website. They offer a lot of fabulous home ideas and products, very chic and affordable.

Now ladies, tell your Jake Gyllenhalls to give you these wonderful pieces if they want to be more comfortable with you in these cold Spring nights:

Amenity Birdseye Pillows in cream, copper and other shades.

Amity Cove Large Wall Print--Cream and Cocoa

Amenity River Wall Prints---Cream and Moss

I want. I want!



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