Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Blogger, Beehives and Ballerinas.

I have been trying to do a new design/layout for this blog when I suddenly found out that some of my stuff vanished! yes, They vanished into thin air. I didn't know where they've gone, what happend to them and what the hell I can do to recuperate my files!

Significantly, I lost my blogroll for the Best Fashion Blogs in Spanish, my widgets, my Adsense and my badge for IFB and Fashion Mission! Good thing my friends Miss At La Playa and Martirio's Way emailed me wondering why they were not included in my roll! The truth is, I lost the whole lot!

So people, I apologize for what happened and Blogger please stop being naughty! It's not funny anymore. This is the second time it happened to me. When I was running my personal blog two years ago, I lost all of my pics!

If you were on our vanished blogroll, drop us an email at marbellastyle@gmail.com and we will gladly post you prontisimo!

On other notes, I am so glad that Channel 4 is now available for free viewing here in Spain! Last night I was able to watch the documentary about Amy Winehouse life entitled, Amy Winehouse: What Really Happened.
Actually, we all know what happened and what's happening to Amy these days. With just one click to Perez Hilton's page, you will have her latest drug ordeals, her lousy scumbag husband and her blood stained ballerina shoes. We see her brilliant career dying before our very eyes...we see her dying before our very eyes.

In this series, Journalist Jacques Peretti investigates the very root on the trainwreck's life and what he found out were two important things: 1. ) Her husband Blake was the one responsible for Amy's drinking and drug history; that none of these could have happened if Blake didn't initiated the girl on this kind of lifestyle and 2) that Amy is an emotional sponge absorbing all the heartaches and pain, wallowing on them and channelling them into brilliant melodies and rhythms which is now known as her music.

Several people were interviewed including Ms. Sylvia, her teacher in the theater school she attended, Blake's father, and some friend who has nothing enlightening to say about Amy than
" she likes sex".

It was a moving documentary although it failed to shed anything new or something significant that we haven't read yet in Perez's site. Nevertheless, it was a sweet look back on Britain's most infamous singer's life so far and her struggles between love, fame and health.
Pleaseeeee save the beehive, now!

Speaking of ballerinas---not Amy's bloodstained ones anyway---I have spotted these ballerina prints which I thought was very cool. One of which was Marnie Skilling's and the other one from Lilli Ann via El Fashionista. I love, I love to have a ballerina printed dress like these two. I think it would be the perfect dress to wear for the long awaited premier of Sex and the City (which will have an advance screening in London on the 28th of this month, two days before the grand opening in NY) wherein I would channel the Charlotte character. Yes, Ladies, I am a Charlotte at day, a Samantha at night. Too pessimist to be Carrie, too beautiful to be Miranda.

To bad, I'm neither in NY or London for the SATC premiere so instead, I'm gonna scan Ebay for this cuddly doll in a ballerina printed dress while we both wait for the Spanish-dubbed version to arrive on the coast. Nay!


Nutcrackling on the Swan Lake,
Miss J.


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