Monday, 26 May 2008

Eye loves...

Another reason why I should go to Barcelona pronto: Fanzine 137!

I was looking for a good Spanish made photography magazine /book about fashion and otherwise when Google pointed me out to a NY Times' The Moment review of this wonderful creation of the brilliant Señor Luis Venegas. Mr. Venegas is the editor, creative director and publisher of Fanzine137 which is an independent art, image and fashion publication made in Spain.

Mr. Venegas is sort of a one man band with this endeavor which is wicked because he has the total liberty and control over the magazine---no pressures from advertisers, editors and dominatrix publishers. It's all just about his taste and man, does he have loads of them!

I would love to have a one interview with Luis and ask him what inspired him to create such publication which earns him accolades around the world. One of my favorite fashion photographer JD Ferguson even raved about him in his blog!

Too bad this magazine is not yet available here in Marbella and I'm sure shipping would cost me the world (it's 370 pages!) so I need to get my J.Lo ass to Barcelona soon to get some and to visit my lovely aunt out there and let's not forget some serious exercising (shopping) in Passeig de Gracia where I got my cateye eyeglasses last year. Speaking of eyeglasses, I'm wondering how many times one should change his/her glasses. I'm having worse vision recently maybe due to the change of weather (it's been ridiculously sunny here lately) or maybe I'm getting old, geeez, I'm turning 30 this year!

Anyway, I've been thinking of wearing contact lenses but my optician said my eyes are just too sensitive for them. I've tried using them before but they get dry easily leaving eyes itchy and red. I was surfing the net lately for good quality lenses and I found one very helpful site called LENSSHOPPER.COM. They help you find the best type of lenses suited for your eyes and for your money. Also, you can ask them anything about the products and what could be most effective for you. I will try to go to my optician to ask about disposable lenses---violet ones. I'm feeling some Liz Taylor vibe these days, don't ask me why.

Anyway, Barcelona and the optician. Two more things to do before summer officially starts. Ahhh, so many things to do, so little time.

Work it girls! Happy first day of the week!.



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