Thursday, 8 May 2008

Love Down Under

Okay, so the whole world was in down under last week for the Rosemount fashion week except me. To say the least, I am very jealous not only because I missed the fashion event but because it could have been the perfect time as well to have a holiday which I would say, has been my invisible lover for the longest time. Why? Let me tell you why. Australia is a very special country for me for some peculiar reasons---some of which are good and some of which are mishaps. My name for one, is from a cave in Australia famous for it’s dramatic formations of stalagmites and stalactites---Jenolan Cave. Now, if you think that is not a special reason enough, scan, digress and think about someone you think is named Jenolan. I bet you, it’s 1 in a million.

Also, having had three Aussie men in my life in the past, I can tell you that more or less I have the knowledge of how these species are. True, they are one of the best looking race in the world, they are sweet, thoughtful and what have you but they could be a little bit of Kangaroos sometimes; they hop, hop, hop beds. I don’t mean all Aussies are like that but the three that I had were definitely escapes from Queensland Zoo or something.

In 2002, I was able to pass for a scholarship in The Australian National University in Canberra for a gender sensitivity course in the workplace. Unfortunately I blew it due to some priority issues. And the list goes on…these might sound trivial to say it is an unconsummated love affair but yes, that is how I feel and until now, I still wonder what happened to that Aussie guy who I had a holiday romance with or whoever used my student number in the university.

The real love story however began when I saw my first Australian film ever, Strictly Ballroom. I was fascinated with everything, I even fell in love with the word, TACKY. Since then, I had this strange picture of Australia in my mind as a massive country of fully beaded, glittery, flowery gowns with people who talk like their mouth is full of popcorn or something. It was followed by the ultimate chick flick that makes Bridget Jones look like a novice copycat. Muriel was the real deal. You should watch it. Also,I remember screaming on top of my lungs whenever my dad let us watch MAD MAX with Mel Gibson and the fabulous Tina Turner. The costumes though were breathtaking and Mel was so lovely, he was the first Hollywood boyfriend I had, in my dreams.And how can I ever forget the drag-o-licious Priscilla Queen of the Desert! The outfits were so fun; they looked like pieces form Project Runway but with class. I love the tackiness of it all and this filmed my theory that the country’s theme song is any ABBA song. Priceless.

From then on, my love affair with Australia flourished and believe me, I ache and miss tacky Australian films as much as I miss 7-11, Wendy's , root beer and Krispy Kreme---all of which do not exist here in Paellaland.

When it comes to fashion though, Australia is far from being tacky. A lot of you have seen the recently concluded Rosemount Australian Fashion and you have seen that no, there were no glittering, fully beaded ballroom gowns and ice skating outfits neither have you seen any Muriel inspired floral tops nor her shoulder pads. Personally, I was fixated with Marnie Skillings who's encrusted dress was the most wanted in the said fashion week.

Marnie is a cool girl. Check out her site. for one, she looks like a model herself. Beautiful. And unlike other designers who's collections is inspired by diva-eity and things that only J-lo or A-list models can wear, Marnie's eccentric inspirations, like a pattern of a china cup buried into dirt or Mexico's day of the dead stuff. Cool, a tad of tackiness but she makes sure the designs are always stunning and made from high quality fabrics and materials.

She's bringing sexy and love back , the Aussie way. Things are looking good for her at the moment but I'm sure she will go along, long way. The world needs an Aussie and I need a handsome kangaroo, pronto!



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