Monday, 12 May 2008

Uncle Karl: Drawn

Here's something fun to start the weekend minions!

MarbellaStyle's love for uncle Karl is up to the skies so we decided to do a little tribute to this man whose style is as iconic as his collections---we've scanned the whole wide world for Karl Lagerfeld cartoons/sketches!

There were millions around so we decided to just included the most brilliant ones . Uncle Karl is a product himself and his face can sell as much as his exaggeratedly expensive haute couture designs . Just splash his face into something, a shirt, a dress, perfume, videogames, or just draw it on an egg (see the egg toy below) and it would smell $$$!

I would love to have a shirt stamped with Uncle Karl's iconic face. Any budding visual designers / artists/sketchers/ t-shirt designers out there who would like to do one for me? Give me one, por favor and I promise to whore it on this site . You won't regret it, I promise.

So Ladies, bow and pay tribute to uncle Karl---The greatest designer on Planet Earth. Happy Monday everyone!


All photos from Google Images, if you want to be credited, hit us an email at



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