Saturday, 28 June 2008

Madness and Make-Ups

Okay, you can stop emailing now asking if I am still breathing. I am truly alive and kicking.

It has been madness on this side of the planet lately and I got caught by a tornado of events one after the other: the trucker's strike which left us without any supply of poultry products ( I don't care much about eggs and butter but meat and milk! arrgh!) for a couple of days; my ex-boyfriend Rafa Nadal bagging his 4th consecutive win in the French Open; reuniting with my friend Maan and her wonderful family after four long years; and the much waited anticipation on this year's EuroCup finals on Sunday between Germany and Spain which will leave me and the rest of non-sports fanatics sleepless and deaf due to the massive celebration to come. That is, of course if Spain wins. And oh, we are cooking something special for you in July as we hit Miami (swimsuit fashion show), Amsterdam and Antwerp fashion week so brave yourselves for that.

Anyway. It seemed like everything else is calm and quiet lately everywhere else , don't you think so? Aside from BryanBoy's fabulous fairytale come true story with the Marc Jacobs ostrich bag, Tom Ford's aggressive new ad campaign featuring a quite calm male genitalia (really Tom, you are getting boring us now to death), and NY times picking making up a big brouhaha over the gory details of cosmetic surgery making its way to every household via youtube (I can't understand what the fuss is all about. It's already on the telly anyway via "extreme make-over" programs)---nothing exciting is really happening around, don't you notice? Where's Amy Winehouse lately? Where's Britney and Lindsay? Where are all the trainwrecks? Agyness now sings but she's even good at it, I'm disappointed.

The most bizarre thing I have seen these past few weeks so far was Thom Brown's Fall 2008 men's collection which didn't make me jump off my seat either. On the contrary, I think it's humorously outstanding.

Hence, I felt like I didn't really miss anything from my vacation aside from my usual blogger friends who have been emailing and asking me if I got buried under a deep pile of couture gowns or something. Answer---I wish!


I was browsing on V-Magazine's website and they didn't disappoint me bit with this bone-jolting feature on Top 10 beauty looks for spring/summer 2008.

Let's digress:

We know that summer is all about sun sand and sea but don't you think being a mermaid is just taking the theme too much? Leave the scales to the fish, dammit.

Do I really want to look like a ho version of Goldilocks/ rag doll/ the joker, like this? Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder but sorry I just don't get it.

Post Amy Winehouse party, anyone? Nah. I'm more into Duffy nowadays.

Unless I'm an Adams Family member, I shouldn't be wearing any of this. Ever.

This is why you don't apply make up with tired hands. The eyeliner just goes all over the place.

Blue Lipstick? Oh well, it's the colour of the year. We forgive.

Voila! Somebody got it right this time although I am not really so excited about the eyebrows. Those bushy bits should be kept in the 80's where they belong, together with Brooke Shields.

For more make-up madness check out Vmagazine.

So the madness continues in Spain and tomorrow is the culmination day with the finals of the EuropCup 2008. I am not into sports activities at all but obviously would cheer for Spain if they win.

It's good exercise anyway, for the lungs.



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