Friday, 4 July 2008

A Bug's life.

Chihuahuas used to be the hottest accessory human beings could have especially for a hardcore night out. Ask Paris Hilton and she'll tell you how these little cuddly beasts could be the most fashionable piece of bling you could have especially if you'redesperate for some money shots from the paparazzi. After a couple of months after however the universe shifted and the likes of Lohan and Britney became the "must have" accessories. Poor Tinkerbell got ditched and from animals, Ms. Hilton's hottest accessories became party animals.

This year, beasts are out and bugs are in. From beetles to butterflies, from brooches to bags, be prepared to get infested with these beautiful insect homages by Miu Miu.

I have this creepy feeling that Kirsten Dunst must be the brains behind this collection . Afterall, she has spent so much time in grass and weeds before eventually signing up to AA. However, my better judgement tells me that it takes more than AA to come up with such fantastic creations ; Kirsten's designs would have only been fit for some Halloween action or worst, a high school science project but these Miu Miu insect extravaganza is the real thing and yes, I am itching for them.
I love the gigantic boots which reminds me of that of Balenciaga's but obviously with dragonflies. The color combination is just fabulous and the style itself is incredible. As for the price, I don't want to know. I think I settle to just looking at it, seriously.

Ahhh, these dragonflies lure me to go to the countryside and read Jane Austin all day. On the contrary however, I am off to Madrid with my gayfriends this weekend for the annual gay pride. Yup---high heels galore, big hair and make up and fabulous outfits!!! It's so fashionably good it's almost like fashion week---only that it's merrier, more colourful and the shoes sizes are much much bigger.



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