Thursday, 3 July 2008

It's all in the Head.

When I first saw Monic Tocados' collection of hats, bands and headdress the first thing that went through my mind was, "what's this?"I know Sarah Jessica Parker's hat in the London premier of SATC and her "bird" in the movie were wicked but Monic's creations were so gorgeous I was so tempted to email her to ask if she's joining the rebajas (sale) season which kicked off last Tuesday.

Swirling designs reminiscent of sinful ice cream cones, glittering jewels, stones and crystals, striking butterflies and crazy ornate--- everything that I should put head into. Enough of the Olsen twins' hippie headbands or celebrities wearing baseball caps. This is how you put all your divaness onto your head. It's all about drama this season especially when you are aiming for that much deserved attention without going to the Big Brother house to get some.

Monic has been featured in almost every fashion magazine in Spain and I wouldn't be surprised if I see another Carrie in one of her breathtaking collections.

I see the future Spanish Philip Treacy. I hope it won't get into her head.


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