Sunday, 20 January 2008

F* me Pumps Y'all!

After reading this entry from the Queen Bee of the fashion blogosphere, Wendy Brandes, I was inspired to post these Chloe pumps that I have been salivating for from . Empress Wu or not, these pumps will keep you safe when strutting down the streets even in the middle of the night. Imagine all the metal and hard wood attached in these. Fatal baby, deadly.Be scared.

Aside form the dominatrix factor, the prices are not that frightening though. For less than 300 euros, you can get your own Mistress Wu combat shoes for that knock out look and attitude.

Just be sure you dress up properly when you put these on. You wouldn't want to be mistaken for a Mistress Wu who gives a different meaning to kick, punch and blow.

179 euros

232 euros

214 euros

238 euros

174 euros

268 euros

And yes, I'm putting up a fans club for Miss Wendy B. so to all my Spanish bitches, sign up now or be whipped, Jacky Chan style.

Besos guapaaaaasssssssss!!!!


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