Friday, 22 February 2008

Vogue España channelling ZARA?

If you found out that your fashion bible has created a very similar editorial as your next door neighbour high street shop, you will think something must be wrong. Very very wrong.

Si has encontrado que tu biblia de moda ha creado algo parecido como la de tu tienda de referencia vas a pensar que algo mal está pasando...algo muy muy mal.

The February issue of Vogue España runs something that I have seen in the ZARA's fall/winter 2007/08 catalogue. I don't know if it is that eerie dark feel to it or the leather gloves, or just me but there's really a big resemblance to both, don't you think so?

Este mes, Vogue España ha creado algo que ya he visto en el catalogo de ZARA otoño/invierno 2007/2008. No sé si es por la atmósfera oscura o los guantes de cuero or si es mi percepcion la que no consigue hacer la diferencia. Que pensais de esto?

Could it be that Vogue is running out of creative juices?
Será por que Vogue está perdiendo su creatividad. Le está costando trabajo crear nuevas sensaciones?

vogue images:

Zara's Collection:
Spain needs Amanda Priestley, NOW!
España necesita Amanda Priestley, Ahora!


Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Vivienne Westwood: Propaganda

The Grand Dame of British fashion who encourages people to stop buying and buying and buying is on another exciting project once again---a manifesto that she started almost four years ago entitled PROPAGANDA.

While a website was created specifically for it, the project summarizes as : active resistance to propaganda through art. The latest initiative regarding this endeavour is the launch of the book the luxurious Vivienne Westwood Opus, an immense publication: 80xcm x 64cm, 25 pounds, nine different cover designs, and a hundred signed copies available from each of them. In the interior 97 large-format Polaroids on which models, friends and family of the designer, pose with their creations alongside texts that support this manifesto.

I just love the irony behind this woman: she creates loads of fabulous clothes that she knows everybody will kill to have. On the other hand, she is against conspicuous consumption. I still can't get it but I hope the books will hit the internet soon for free readings to know what her propaganda is really all about.Amen and God Bless the Fashion dame.

Monday, 18 February 2008

M.I.A. and M.T.P. (my tacky postcards)

I know, I know, this thing about M.I.A. posing for Marc Jacobs is old news but I'm not gonna talk about that at all neither would I talk about how I wanted to give her a pair of hair iron or a blow dryer to ease out those unruly frills; or a hot bath.

I still can't decipher what MIA and Marc Jacob's fans have in common ( It's like street vs. the French Riviera or something) to actually join forces and rush to the stores and buy what she was wearing but there you go...hit or miss, I'm sure it caused some stir.

Coincidentally, MIA reminds me in a very surreal way, of tacky postcards my good friend Robert sends me during his travels. Rob is German but lives in the Netherlands and like an alarm clock, he flees the windmill country every winter to escape the biting frost. Asia is his favourite playground for its sun and warm people. Over the years, he has been sending me really tacky sometimes weird postcards which scare the shiz outta me just like pictures of some bizarre rituals in India (I think) or Malaysia where people pierce their whole body with long metal sticks as part of a religious rite.

Here's some of the card he sent me:

From Egypt

From India

From Bali Indonesia (the card was bought elsewhere obviously).

These cards make me laugh a lot of times and remind me of how lucky I am to have such good friends, even though they are a little bit nutty. lol. As I am typing this entry, he is in Malaysia enjoying himself with tropical weather, immaculate white sand and emerald waters. Lucky bitch.
In fairness to M.I.A. though, I am beginning to love some of her music. I say some because a lot of the songs' thumpings give me headache. It's the same as the love hate relationship I have with Bjork. The Icelandic girl gives me goosebumps and brings tears to eyes sometimes; a lot of times, her screaming gives me forced monthly periods.

I am so into one of her songs right now called Jimmy. If you want some tacky sound which makes you want to shake your stuff, listen to this. Just make sure no one is around.

So, ladies, gentlemen, and gentlegays (Google says the trannies love my blog! Olé!) , presenting, my LSS (last song syndrome) of the week: Jimmy by M.I.A. (you really need a ceramic hair iron girl).

All together now, Jimmy, Aaaaja!Jimmy, Aaaja!




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