Saturday, 22 March 2008


This is the reason why we love VICKY Beckham so much. She's not afraid to try anything and everything!



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Friday, 21 March 2008

The Sartorialist soon The Designer.

Seems like Spain's national paper, EL PAIS, is in love with fashion bloggers. Two of the grand names in fashion blogging were featured in the paper's Sunday supplement for two consecutive weeks. First was the sartorialist himself, Scott Shuman and a week after, it was the the high priestess of fashion blogging, Diane Pernet of A Shaded View of Fashion.

My Spanish is not yet perfect and Google translation is not much of a help either but I've tried my best to translate it the best I could so here it is, let's do Mr. Schuman first and tomorrow, Mr. Pernet.

10 Questions for The Sartorialist:

The elegant man has come back. Where has he been all this time?

The media has been fixated with the young for years and years now. They have ignored the matured gentlemen and with more style. The kind of persons I am looking for. Elegance can come out young and cool.

How can you define what you do?
I take photographs of people with style on the streets. Men, particularly; big small, fat, handsome, ugly. I don't care as long as it tickles my imagination. The result---my blog which is my way to help the people.

Why did you decide to do it in the streets?
Hobby. I like street photographs of street fashion. But I didn't feel that I can identify with the things that I was doing before. (taking pictures of ) People in the clubs, at night, dressed like Papagayos (a certain kind of bird). My option is to portray people in their real lives.

When did you find out that you have turned into something important?
I don't remember. I started receiving emails saying that my work was something significant. Today, my blog receives between 55,000 to 60, 0000 visits a day.

Obviously, you think that the manner of dressing is an act of self-expression...
Of course. I, for example when I go out in the morning for breakfast, I wear a hat, jeans and a sweatshirt by Jill Sander, sending a message to the world.

Do you live in a perfect world like what your photos suggest?
Absolutely not. I am a portrait of a distinct person. I don't judge anyone.

How do you react when you see someone whose way of dressing you consider boring?
I try not to look. if not, I'm gonna get crazy. There's a lot of photographers who like to dwell on the negative aspect, I stay with the positive. I don't give lessons, I only look for inspirations.

Are you thinking of designing clothes as well? I will. A certain company is interested for me to do so. It is still early to talk about it.

Is there anything that you wouldn't wear?
Cowboy boots.

I wouldn't be surprise if Mr. Schuman will become a very good designer in the future. His intensive background in fashion, business and photography makes him a complete package to build an empire that would challenge today's best names in the industry.

Here's my favourite pics recently from the Sartorialist website:

We are looking forward to see Mr. Schuman's design to hit the high streets. I just hope it's gonna be affordable so that we, mortals can actually buy it.

The Sartorialist, Spain always waits for you.


Thursday, 20 March 2008


You've seen Matthew Mcconaughey in the new D&G perfume (The One) ad, Clive Owen for Lancome's Hypnose perfume and Ewan McGregor for Davidoff. Now, James Bond rides the whole male model shebang. Pierce Brosnan is the new face for Loreal's Vita Lift--a beauty product specifically design for the over 40's.

Even athletes and dancers join the beauty and fashion endorsement like gorgeous Brazilian footballl player Kaká and ballet superstar Roberto Bolle.

What is happening to the world? Seemed like everyone wants to be Zoolander nowadays.

clive owen for hypnose

football hottie kaká for armani

ewan "my ex-boyfriend" mcgregor for davidoff

ballet dancer Roberto Bolle for Ferragamo

Matthew for D&G The One

Please god, don't let my Viggo Mortensen do any of these rubbish beauty product endorsements. Unless of course it's to substitute David Beckham for Emporio Armani.



Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Emotional Weather Report

Warning: This entry has nothing to do with the weather at all (we leave that to the weathermen) however emotional it might have been in the last few weeks. Hey, weather make up your mind. Sunny but windy but cold? This entry is about gratitude to all the people who have supported MarbellaStyle as we reach our first 10,000 hits (300 more to go we reckon we can get this before this week ends) since it started in August of last year. And no, this is not an attempt to any shameless publicity stunt but rather a simple way of saying "thanks" to the city that we now call home. Most importantly, this is a long entry so if you don't have the patience nor the time, go somewhere else.

It must have been the best decision I made in my entire twenty nine years of existence to move to the coast of Spain about 4 years now. I can remember the night I arrived in the Malaga Airport the summer of 2004---everything was bleak and dark on my way to Benalmadena Costa where my family lives and I was horrified that I couldn't see a trace of 7-11 store anywhere for a pack of ciggie that ungodly hour of the morning. I came from a bustling city in the Far East where everything is accessible; where you can go to the cinema, last full show at one in the morning. Everything was different and waking up the next day to the sound of someone outside my apartment who was howling on the top his lungs accompanied by clapping (obviously it was flamenco) didn't help me either to adjust---something that I stupidly thought was easy.

Just like any other "new arrivals" in the coast, I discovered that finding a job here is not a walk in the park either. I battled my way through mountains of paperworks--empadronamiento, residencia, NIE number--- you know the works, and queuing every single day at the police station or the ayuntamiento was not the kind of exercise I could imagine myself getting into but nevertheless did, for the lack of choice. Being able to legally work is one thing, finding work is another. I was faced with tough competition from people around the globe and the confidence of having to speak English to get a proper job melted easily like a cheap ice cream under the hot Spanish sun. My first job in the kitchen of a chiringuito was not something I could rave about to my friends back home but looking at it now in a more mature perspective, It was something I was proud of as it was my learning ground to practice the language and adapt to the culture I had no idea about. There I learned a lot of things about the country and its people---a race blessed with powerful lungs. My first Spanish employers' communication skills always brought me to tears as I though she was mad at me with her shouts and shrieks accompanied by exaggerated hand gestures. It took me three long months to realize that that was just how and the majority of her countrymen talks. She was not mad at all. It is just the way the Spanish speaks.

I could go on and on with horror stories of my first two years in this country but despite everything, I learned to love my adoptive home. Especially Marbella. However small it may seem, the city is so cosmopolitan and it continues to bring together people from around the globe whose background, ethnicity and cultures have been significant in making it a vibrant and a bustling tourist destination that it is today. There are lots of things to see and discover in this part of town and if you are enthusiastic enough to learn and observe, you will definitely find out. For us at MarbellaStyle, we are in our continuous search local talents who are finding their way to be known for their craft. People, places and events which rightfully deserve to be known and have a taste of their 5 minutes of fame (as it is the average reading time for blogs) in the Internet and the blogosphere.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have supported our humble blog which , from 20 visits when it started in August of 2007 , now receives an average of a whopping 200 visits daily from around the world and still growing. We have been featured in several websites in the U.S. as a "must read" of the day and we are now linked to different major fashion websites from different countries. In view of this, we are encouraging everyone---designers, photographers, models, writers, artists and everyone, basically everyone, who have something to say in the field of design, fashion, style and art to get in touch with us if you want to be seen or heard here in our humble abode.

Oh I feel like giving a speech in the Oscars sans the trophy, the gown and the swag but yeah, I feel emotionally overwhelmed by this development.

So guys, bring on the fun and I hope the summer will bring us not only perfect tans and happy spirits but more success with work and endeavours. MarbellaStyle will continue to reach its goal to keep everyone posted on what's happening on the coast's fashion/design/party department (less party more fashion related invitation please, people!) so again, if you have something to share, please keep in touch at

This has been Miss J. ending your very highly emotional report.


Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Counter Culture (Cataloguing The Catalogue)

Have you ever noticed that your usual store catalogues have evolved? I was in the LEVI's store in town yesterday when I noticed that a bunch of catalogues lying on the counter. CLONE ( a publication from Seville), as the name turned out to be is more than your usual shopping catalogue, it's actually like a "MySpace", print version joining together different stores, write ups on upcoming events, cool photography and many more. The publication is not the first in this concept though. Last year, I picked up a catalogue of Pull and Bear and I was surprised not only about the way the photography was brilliantly done but also of the relevant articles they had including one about fashion bloggers. When I was little I remember spending hours and hours browsing on my moms catalogues not only of clothes but just about everything: from AVON to Tupperware and jewelry. It was amazing to see those colorful plastic tumblers in every shapes and sizes. And AVON! Gosh, how could I ever forget the scent of Forest Interlude that made me dizzy just by looking at its pictures. Yup, my mom was a fierce businesswoman wannabe in her heydays and she tried everything when I was growing up. The Tupperware house parties were the best though, as all the moms in the neighborhood would come to our house for a demo and I usually crack up when my mom would hit the damn plastic things on the floor just to prove that they were tough and unbreakable. Those were the happy days.

Anyway, going back to the modern catalogues. These days, they are not solely pictures, product descriptions and prices. Catalogues become more substantial showcasing the story behind the photographs and the actual collection of the season. Pull and Bear's Spring Summer 08 catalogue for example ran an article about "Generation Me" and the ultimate dream of a 15 minute of fame showcasing Spain's "It" boy, Pelayo who coincidentally, is a fellow blogger. One thing I love about these publications is that they were morphed into something like a usual magazine--you get high quality photographs that can rival any fashion magazine's editorial pages, they are splashed with bits and pieces of insider news, models' interviews and sometimes gossip. They are slowly developing into a magazine from your normal, boring store catalogues.

ZARA's catalogue on the other hand is developing into a nice coffeetable book with its large size and wonderful creative photos. I have not seen their new one yet (Spring collection promises a garden full of exotic flowers as I gathered from their website) but I'm sure it's gonna be sensational once again.

I love how catalogues evolved from boring photos/stock/pricelist to a wonderfully crafted store ´zines. In fact I dream to write for one (hey, ZARA team, my CV is always ready for you guys. lol)

Don't worry mom, I still can't buy you the stuff that you could see in those catalogues but hey, they always remind me of my childhood Tupperware moments with you which were not plastic at all. On the Contrary, they were priceless. Miss yah.



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