Friday, 4 April 2008

From Seville To Mi Barrio.

Have you been to Seville yet?

If not (like me), check out T Magazine's feature this month on the great Andalucian city of Seville. Writer Maura Egan and photographer Norbert Schoerner take a romantic look on this city which stands the test of time and changes.
It is embarrassing to say that I have been living in Spain for 3 years now but haven't set foot on it yet.

Seville is a great tourist destination with its monumental churches and historical sites. Obviously, I can't say much on what to do and where to go but just a click in Google and I'm sure you'll find millions of information you need. If you are trying to catch massive celebrations here, better come during the semana santa (holy week) for some hardcore religious processions. The Seville Feria (Seville Fair which will be held next week, coincidentally) is also a big attraction where you will find the elegant Sevillanos in their traditional flamenco costume enjoying themselves in a week of Partying with mouth watering jamon and exquisitely delicious glass of rioja.

I have been planning long time ago to spend a weekend in Seville but never had the opportunity to do so. This spring, I should just pack my bag, go and see. I promise to share a few flamenco moves with you guys when I come back.

In the meantime, have you ever felt sometimes that you want everything to stop so you can clear your mind and have a little quiet time for yourself? That's exactly what I felt the whole week last week. So the big drama queen in me put her mini-mini shorts and walked her way down the port 10 minutes from she lives to get some fresh air and relieve some tensions by watching all the gorgeous half naked sunworshippers in the playita.

Let me welcome you to my barrio...Benalmadena Costa in Malaga, Spain.

Benny (as the foreigners call it) used to be a quiet fishing village from time immemorial. Since those time, being white (as in pale white) equates a higher hierarchy in the society, only fishermen can be seen in the beaches and not a single tourist can be found lying on its coarse, dark grey sands. The centre of "civilization" was in the town proper which was inland called Benalmadena Pueblo where you can find the church, market etc. Fast Forward: With the boom of tourism industry in the 60's and 70's (the Swedes were the first tourists to frequent Benny and its neighbouring town of Torremolinos), a lot of hotels and restaurants sprouted like mushrooms until Puerto Marina was built which has become one of the town's best attractions.

Now let me tell you something. Puerto Marina is just literally 10 minutes form where I live. It boasts of a mayhem of shops, clubs, restaurants and what, yachts, yachts! There are also monumental apartments built on the waters which you can imagine , is not for mortals like us to live in. Who would want to live in the middle of a shop, restaurants and shops anyway? Tell me. Imagine the horrors of trying to get sleep during the summer season.

However, if you just want to relax without spending your hard earned cash, there's always the lovely beach to lay your tried body on. Just be sure to be there early especially the weekend as every one---"todo el mundo"--- swarms the whole playa stretch like ants.

Anyway, going back to myself. I was feeling down last week so I just walked down the marina and watch the world go by as the fresh air lulled me,almost, into sleep.

I love how the sun was shining brightly these days. Although the wind is still quite chilly for me especially during the nights, summer is just so fast approaching and I can't wait to get a dip in the clear, less salty (compared to the tropics) waters of the Mediterranean. I imagine sangria, tinto de verano, grilled sardines and boquerones from the nearby Chiringuitos (beach bars)hmmm... yummy. As the afternoon fell into nightime,I stopped in my favorite café for a slice of cheesecake and a cup of decaf and I was on my own self again this time, recharged, rejuvenated. I love my Benny and I wish all of you could come and visit in the future...

Lovely port

Chiringuito (beach bar)

The paseo--this goes on forever connecting two towns.

Typical Sunday stalls

Chuches (candies, caramels)

My favourite club--Kaleido

The Beach.



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