Thursday, 10 April 2008

The Other Murakami

When I heard about Marc Jacobs collaboration with a certain Murakami for it's latest collection, I thought "wow, Marc actually reads japanese literature". The idea of putting the magic of words into Louis Vuitton design is out of this world but knowing how great of a designer Jacobs is, I knew it wouldn't be impossible.

Of course I wrong. He did not collaborate (and the idea remains impossible) with the Murakami that I love, the japanese novelist Haruki Murakami, but with "Japan's Andy Warhol", Takashi Murakami.

Having read some of Haruki Murakami's masterpieces like Dance, Dance, Dance and the Elephant Vanishes (I should get a new copy as I have traded mine with a friend when I went to Paris in 2004 for a copy of Irvine Welsh's PORNO which was the sequel to Trainspotting) , I became an instant fan of the famous Japanese contemporary writer. For those of you who are still clueless of his works, I suggest you get yourself acquainted with his bizarre world---lost elephants, sheep men, clairvoyants, lots of surrealism, weird sense of humour and poignant nostalgia.

So, it wasn't the Murakami that I thought it was. Nevertheless, the idea of haute couture infused with manga, anime and cartoon characters is as bizarre and odd as any Haruki Murakami novels I've read. It sounds exciting though but I think it is also a big risk for Mr. Jacobs since the brand has always been niched for the upper class whose taste is far more than cartoonish. I can't imagine the likes of Hilary Clinton or Madam Carla Bruni ( think I can with Carla, actually) sporting an LV speedy bag engraved with a mickey mouse like character on it in a certain international convention or something. However, when I saw some of the designs, I was relieved.
Not bad at all, aren't they? Imagine Carrie Bradshaw or Cameron Diaz sporting them. Perfect.

This one though is just plain no-no for me:

The classic monogram background and the colourful patches just don't work at all.

Haruki Murakami / Takashi Murakami

I love Japanese art. When I was living in Asia, I had my daily dose of manga and animé on tv (dubbed in English of course) and I swear, once you get the hang of it, you'll get hooked. It's a totally different, twisted, amazing, universe much more darker than any of your Disney favourites. Some of Takashi Murakami's works

I have mixed feelings about this whole collaboration with Marc Jacobs and Takashi but I always keep reminding myself that these two are both masters of their crafts. Just like some of Murakami's (the novelist) protagonists, they are both dreamy, brainy, creative introverts embarking on some outlandish conspiracies (read "A Wild Sheep Chase," "Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World") like this recent project.

Let's just hope this story will not end up a tragedy.


P. S. Here's Marc Jacob's video about his collaboration with Takashi. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

David Gandy for Dolce and Gabbana

Move over Calvin Klein, you're losing your steam.

Dolce and Gabbana brings sexy back with the new calendar featuring the most beautiful male (as in real male hetero macho male) model in the planet, David Gandy. Stefano and Dominico have teamed up with photographer Mario Vivianco, famed for his to die for Dieux Du Stade Calendars for this project and oh, LOVE is an understatement when we found it's website.

For those of you who doesn't have any idea who David is, he is the guy on the D&G lightblue perfume campaign wearing a skimpy white trunks on a boat.

Seems like Britain is becoming a factory of gorgeous Davids, isn't it Posh Spice?

Finally we have a reason to check out D&G stores and actually afford to buy something. Fab.


The Only Thing Missing is Jake...

Design Public's new covers and pillows make me think that I should get more sleep than usual. You see, even if I count loads and loads of sheep every night my body conspires to shut off all it's senses at exactly two in the morning. Maybe it's the excessive caffeine intake, maybe its too much mind exercise (a.k.a. thinking) but whatever it is, sleep is just so evasive to me these days unless I lull myself to sleep with an Ian Mcewan novel, a Vanessa Paradis album or counting the immense amount of sheep in Brokeback Mountain which always end up with very naughty images of Jake Gyllenhall in my head.


This month Design Public (DP) has lined up some very refreshing designs reminiscent of the wonderful scenery of that Ang Lee film. Silhouettes of bamboos, leaves and shrubs in shades of earth colours, these will definitely give your bedroom a light and relax feel of a botanical garden.

Designed by Amenity’s Nicole Chiala and Kristina de Corpo, The stunning bedroom must haves also come with wall arts and are available in all the same designs as their bedding.

Pillows start from 79 US dollars and Duvet covers start from 300 US Dollars but don't fret because it's free shipping from 50 dollars order if you are in the U.S. of A.

For more info and shipping details check out DP's website. They offer a lot of fabulous home ideas and products, very chic and affordable.

Now ladies, tell your Jake Gyllenhalls to give you these wonderful pieces if they want to be more comfortable with you in these cold Spring nights:

Amenity Birdseye Pillows in cream, copper and other shades.

Amity Cove Large Wall Print--Cream and Cocoa

Amenity River Wall Prints---Cream and Moss

I want. I want!


Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Out of Rehab.

I am gonna spit some shit and Marbella, my dear beautiful town of Marbella, you are not gonna like it. But hey, this is my blog and I can do a massive verbal diarrhoea if I want to. Now here's the story.

I have been working for an investment company for almost three months now.
Although it was quite far from where I live, I traded my valuable long sleeping habits and battled the frosty mornings of the winter to stand in the bus station almost always sleeping my way through the city as my driving skills is zilch.
I didn't regret the move.
The job that I had before that was worse and having a new job in the city where everything happens is just fantastic for me.

The company like most of those that were established by foreigners here in the coast was illegal to begin with.
Illegal in the sense that it didn't meet the requirements by the government in order to operate---no contract for the workers, social security paid vacations, etc---which I knew and accepted nevertheless.
As an expat who wants to earn a decent living and still on the process of legalization, I had no choice but to work in these kinds of companies.
Why not?
The money is good and the people were absolutely friendly and nice.
Most of my colleagues were nice and although there were some instances of catfights, I was actually thrilled with the bitching and blabbering which I even thought of capturing in video.
It was normal for an office to have something like that.
At the end of the day, everyone makes up.
Everyone works as a group
everyone makes a living. Hard.

Everything was normal. Or at least, for three months, that what I thought.
Even the drug use seemed to be normal. Excusable.
Everyone knows that that the brokers use cocaine.But it was fine, they said. As they need that for the job.
They need to sell. Big time.
To each his own. You can put sacks of coke in your nostrils for all I care.
Just stay away from me.

So there I was, stupid me thinking everything was fine.
Until they started to cut off people.
They started with the manager and the newbies. It was sad but inevitable.
Then came late payments. I was suspicious.
And then, the dreadful Monday. Yesterday.

Mr. X. , our manager has been transferred to another office as he was accused of sneaking into files and using them into his own vile purposes. Mr. X. was a nice man. He was the one who hired me. I liked him but I knew he was suspicious. I never cared. Just went on with my job and did it good. So much so that I was one of the top producers of leads.

But not what the report showed, as Mr. Y told me. Now, Mr. Y replaced Mr. X for the said position. He is a gorgeous 30 something guy who is very stylish, in his own way. Honestly, I even had a crush on him. Big time. I saw him maybe three times during my stay in the office.
He never looked at me directly. Just stolen glances. Which I always caught.
Until one day I saw him in the elevator.
I introduced myself.
We met for say, two minutes.
We joked.
He left.
I was thrilled. Like a thirteen year old girl in school meeting her crush for the first time.

One of my officemates warned me to stay away from him.
He is a bad boy apparently. Very bad.
I didn't care.
My crush for him was harmless. And he is attached.
No chance.
He was a cokehead. Big time.
No chance.

So Mr. Y confronted me with a sheet of pink paper.
It was the report.
From day one, I produced about 180 results.
From day one, NONE of them were sold.
From day one, it was bullshit.
I didn't believe it. It was just impossible.
Nobody in the office believed it. No one will.

Mr. Y, his eyes not wanting to meet mine had to let me go.
It was easy for him. He was the best. He could get away with it.
It was his way or the highway. Unfortunately, I had to hitchhike my way.
I was trembling as I left the office.
This was the first time I got sacked.
I could have sued
I could have contested.
But for what? Exactly.

I didn't know why he had to do that.
What I now is that he was not a bad boy as my officemate told me. He was just evil.

I kept my cool and left the office. Not looking back. At all.
It was sad. But I have to move on. Away from this job. Away from the invisible people that moves it.
It was a relief, honestly more than anything else.

I have to move on. And hopefully find a better one.
That's life. Sometimes, it's bitch. But you learn.
I just hope these people would end up in rehab. Soon.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some CV's to send.

photos from google images


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