Wednesday, 16 April 2008

We heart!

Our readership hit the roof this weekend by a whopping one hundred more! Thanks a lot to for featuring us (for the second time!) as one of its best weekend links. MarbellaStyle is now full-fledge fab. Big, big, besos from España!!!

In case you've missed, we have been featured as well last month!

Besos and this really made our week.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Attack of Spanish Accessory

Turquoise stone bracelet by Sarah Nicolas

When it comes to accessory, Spain is one of the most flamboyant and creative in the world. Why? For a lot of reasons, really. Spain has a great history to backup its great craftsmanship and the culture, designs and traditions dating back as far as the galleon trades bringing design, culture and tradition (aside from spices, golds and fabrics of course) from The Americas including it's Far East colony---The Philippines---to its shores.

The mixture of all these cultures are now incorporated to what Spanish fashion is today making it as vibrant, dynamic and full of zest. This Spring, Spanish designers come up with a new breed of accessories made from stones, silver, enamel, ceramic and leather which are exquisitely fit for señoritas around the globe.

Now, get ready to accesorize this Spring but don't overdo. You don't want to look like some kind of a science project or a reject from project runway, styled by a Rachel Zoe wannabe, do you?

see more Spanish accessories here:



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