Friday, 23 May 2008

And now, a little bit of travelling.

Again, I was away from this blog a couple of days. I thought I had to enjoy the remaining days of my one month sabbatical before I start with the ratrace again. And what's the best way to forget about the harsh realities of life and to forget the image of your former boss which was a complete asshole? To get away and travel!

Spain is a vast country and although I have been here for four years now, I still haven't had the luxury of time nor the resources to see all its bounties. So, I embarked on a getaway to picturesque little towns away from the coast and experience the tranquil, laid back life of the country side.

First stop: Antequera.

Twenty-two miles north of the city of Malaga, Antequera which is known as the heart of Andalucia, is a perfect getaway place if you want some serenity in your life even just for a day. About one and a half hour by car, my friend and I visited the quaint, and picturesque town which is famous as well for it's bullfighting. The along the road to this place is breathtaking with acres and acres of olive plantations and dramatic rocky mountains.

A friend and I had lunch in the famous bullring restaurnt..yes, inside the bullring itself and is called...what else? Restaurante Plaza de Toro. The restaurant was built in the beginning of the 19th century and boasts not only of its history but of course, the very best of Spanish Gastronomy. Famous bullfihgter dine here after their "corrida" and is a favorite hang out to well-known flamenco singers.

The interiors of the restaurant is breathtaking, you would be transported back to the grandeur of olden Spain. It is located in underneath the bullring itself which makes it intimate and achingly romantic, perfect if you are with a special someone.

The food obviously is worth of a Michelin star and they have a massive wine collection from all over the country. Believe me, I would even exaggerate the superlatives to rave about the restaurant. You have to try it.

After lunch, we walked around town to see the churches and basically to observe the town whose pace even if much slower than of the coast, still celebrates their heritage, culture the good old fashion, laid back lifestyle which reminds me why we guiris (foreigners) are here in this part of the world, to begin with.



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