Monday, 14 December 2009

Of High Heels and Dead Animal.

As they say, “The Higher the Heels, the closer to God”. Little did I know that being close to Divinity takes some kind of Agony.

Hot Marbella threw it’s first ever Xmas Party a couple of weeks ago. Attire: Black, Pink or Festive. I opted for festive as black is just so safe and tiresome while Pink is out of the question unless I come as Pink Panther.

So, festive it was for me. Dead animal and 5 inches stilettos. My idea of festive. Well, my closet's emergency idea of festive, really.

Yes, dead animal.

I didn’t kill it. It was a gift and it was already dead. I thought it was a raccoon but I figured it was a mink. A mink scarf complete with claws and tail. I would have loved to bring it to life again but obviously I couldn't. It has been mummified so before you send me hate mails and cruelty to animals stuff, think again. It was a gift and it was dead already. Send your hate mails to India. The woman who gave me this has disappeared in that part of the world three years ago.

I can bring some dead things into life but not this one. Trust me.

The shoes. Ahhh…the shoes. I swallowed all my pride and dignity and stormed to the nearest mall to get those brilliant stilettos. Plus the taxi fare to and from my house, it was the most expensive pair of shoes I bought in my life.

I tried the shoes on amidst the Christmas shoppers. The store was filled with matronic ladies and young lovely girls with their boyfriends.

The ladies were squirming and giggling as I tried different pairs.

The boyfriends were squirming and having hard-ons while I walk on them fine shoes. I swear one the boys winked at me.

But there was no time to flirt and covet someone else’s boyfriend. I had to go to the party. I went to the counter.

“To gift wrap please", I asked the tired lady at the salesgirl.

“Surely”, she said and then winked at me. It was a winking day, I presumed.

12midnight. Fiddling with the dead animal on my neck and holding a cramp from evil stilettos, I was stuck in my apartment. No signs of transport to go to the party.

Again, taxi.

At last, I arrived at the party. It was alright. The music kept me awake. Met new friends. People-watched.

The next day, the shoes were a hit. Facebook. Twitter.

Even the boss found out. Shit.

Doesn’t matter. I had fun. The shoes were addictive.

I think I got hooked.


Saturday, 5 December 2009

From U.S.A. with Love

Seems like America is liking my humble little blog. Look who's been visiting today, December 5, 2009 !

From the fashionable streets of New York, the gay backrooms of San Fran, to the rednecks of Texas and Oklahoma and the wealthy pensioners of Florida....Thank you very much for dropping by Marbellastyle!

Of course, my little Spanish minions would not be forgotten coming second with 66 readers today. People, it is a long weekend. Log off and enjoy the outdoors, por dios!

And a bigshout to all my new recruits from the Eastern block Azerbaijan, Latvia, Macedonia, Romania, the shisha smoking women of Uzbekistan, Iran, Serbia and the brand obsessed teenagers from Korea, India, The Philippines, Japan and China.

Wow, sound like Eurovision frenzy to me , this is. Keep it coming and por favor, leave your comments, bitches!

A big, big BESO to all of you!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Out of Stock

How many times did you have to browse through online shopping sites, choose something just to find out that the item you want is out of stock?

I am sure you have experienced this as much as I have. The first few instances I told myself, “wow, I´ve got really good taste, all the stocks that I want have been sold out”. After a while, I felt like I was bullied. I know I´ve got great taste, now give me my item!

Everyday, hundreds of online shopping sites are born. They offer us the moon and the stars for sometimes, ridiculously low prices--- Something that we can’t say No to. As we check our daily emails, we can find at least 5 new online stores wanting us to sign up with them and get the crème de la crème of the retail world in a just one click. But whether the stocks are available or they deliver on time is another problem. As the demand grows it gets difficult for brands to double their supply. Where lies the problem? Do we need another China to mass produce products so we can cater to everyone? No, thank you very much.

Two months ago for example, I badly wanted to buy a watch online and low and behold, the item was unavailable. I contacted their customer service to ask when they can have it back and they said it would be two months after. Two months after? The desire would´ve been gone at that time and financial priorities would have changed.

Now, we are talking about an international shopping site here. If we talk about Spain, it would be a near death experience. A friend of mine wanted to buy a 32 inch HD TV of a specific brand. We scoured different stores that usually stock them, in vain. No one knew when the stocks will be available again. None of them knew, not even the main supplier in Madrid. Only God knows, as we say. And to be honest, don’t even bother to contact Spanish customer service especially telecom companies---they just don’t have any idea what customer service is, period. (And I stand strongly on this matter. How long do I have to wait to get a telephone line in my new apartment? Answer: Since September and still counting. They don’t even apologize for the inconvenience!).

A certain Spanish online store where I signed up releases new merchandise every Monday at 7am. Of course, I would check it say around 7:30 and I am always as sure as hell, my size was not available any more or the items that I want were all sold out. Now if it’s Jimmy Choo for H&M, I could understand the panic buying extravaganza that will happen but no, this is not Jimmy Choo and definitely not H&M.

All of us hate queuing in a crowded store with screaming kids at the background and mothers with their pushcarts ready to elbow, kick and beat anyone who stands on their way. Thanks to virtual stores, we now can shop in the comfort of our bedroom in our pajamas and literally shop till we drop and doze to sleep. However, if every time you fell in love with a pair of crystal encrusted stilettos all you get back is an “out of stock” message, I would rather be with the sea of people, pull hair and teeth until I get what I want rather than settle to something I don’t want for half the price.


Sunday, 29 November 2009

Hercules and Orschel-Read my lips: Androgyny.

Spain definitely loves some ingenious androgyny. Hercules, the country's premiere men's fashion magazine and Vogue Spain feature top model Iris Strubegger for their December issues sporting a face that could launch a thousand eyebrows: Is it a she or a he?

Amusingly enough, Vogue which obviously a woman's magazine features Iris with a fresh, clean, make-up less face, sporting a sleek pompadour which highlights her to die for angular, perfectly chiseled face. Very manly, very masculine. On the other hand Hercules, which is a men's magazine features her in a more twisted way--as a woman looking like a man who looks like a woman. Makes sense? You decide for yourself. Looking closely at the photograph, you could even see the hair on her arms which made me think it was actually a male model on the cover!

Hercules is a biannual luxury fashion and style magazine for men. The publication is bilingual with almost 220 pages of top class brands, models and photographers in the planet.

In this issue of the said mag, they feature Balmain's Creative Director Christophe Decarnin, Adam Kimmel and Oscar De La Renta among others. They also pay tribute to the glory days of romantic Hollywood, cowboys and boys in camp (boyscouts camping I mean.). As expected in a men's fashion mag, you can find a lot of exceptionally beautiful young men in their underwear, a lot of skin, a lot of hair (in all parts you can imagine) and disappointly enough, a lot of black and white picture.

Don't get me wrong. I am an Avedon fan and I love black and white photographs especially when they are use sparingly in a magazine. However, sometimes when it gets too dark to actually see details of a piece of the clothing or too dark to visualise the total look of the image, a good subject goes to waste. I think sometime colors work for some pieces where black and white couldn't do justice at all.

The magazine costs six euros but it is definitely worth it. Here's a simple slide photo presentation to kick start your Monday.

As for the Vogue issue, let's save that for another entry.

That one I assure you is much more colorful than Hercules.

Speaking of ambiguity, Monseur Stefan Orschel-Read, the

man behind Lady Gaga's outfit when she appeared on German TV

program "Wetten Das" has once again blurred the boundary of sexuality

in fashion with his excruciatingly beautiful collection called

"Mourning for Orlando".

Photo: Lady Gaga wearing Orschel-Read Couture trousers in a

German TV program.

Orschel-Read's "Mourning" collection is a circus of fun, creativity

and pure talent. His tailoring is exquisite, the details are meticulous

and the use of different materials including fur, leather and everything in

between is just pure genius.

I Particularly love these headress/hats which, for some reason make me associate them with Japan and the whole Geisha culture. No, it's not the whitewashed faced models but the hats seem like what a geisha wig would look like on a bad day, or worst, a week without a shower.


photos: Lady Gaga (google images), Orschel-Read couture from the designer's website, magazine photo owned by marbellastyle.

Smells Like (Gay) Teen Spirit

Confused of someone's sexuality? Gaydar not working? Well, the next time a fag hag tells you someone is gay because she can "smell" him, you can immediately confirm her effervescent suspicion: If he smells like EAU MO, he definitely is gay!

Introducing the EAU MO (try to pronounce it the gay way : (ho-mo) eau de toilette pour gay. Yes, the only perfume that is out of the closet, marketing specifically to the gay male market.

With base notes of Cedar, Amber, Musk and Vanilla (hmmm...), it "smells like the spirit of youth".

Amen to that.

Now you know the perfect Christmas gift you can give your GBFF (gay best friend forever). EAUMO is only available online and comes in two sizes (I thought there were more than that...) and comes in a slick bottle with the color scheme of HOT Magazine---electric pink and black.

The gorgeous muscled mary in the picture, sold separately.


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Soon,we´ll all be wearing Wham!

We know that the 80's is as current again as Susan Boyle but I never thought it can step up to another level like using an iconic remnant of this era as fashion accoutrement--cassette tapes.

Last week , Martin Margiela launched its latest bling collection designed by (another 80's-90's figurehead) R.E.M's Michael Stipe featuring the 199 limited edition microcassette. With 32 ways of wearing them making this tiny cassette as versatile as Meryl Streep, and as crazy as Lady Gaga.

And the cassette trend is becoming fiercer. Introducing Alyce Santoro's Sonic Fabric collection. Yes!--Clothes, scarves and neckties all made from actual cassette tapes. Genuis isn't it. Now you can literally wear your favorite 80's idols. All your Duran Durans, Eurythmics and Spandau Ballets in blue, gray, orange and other different colours. How cool is that?

That's not all. It comes with some interesting tidbits as well. The Sonic Fabric necktie for example is "recorded with an intricate collage of sound prior to weaving" and "are intended to emit good vibes into the vicinity of the wearer".

Wow. I want some Debbie Gibson (Electric Youth) necktie for some good vibrations, indeed.

All products are made in the US and available online at . Yes, you can hum your Total Eclipse of the Heart without annoying some store clerk this time.


Monday, 23 November 2009

R.I.P. Korean Supermodel Daul Kim

What's happening in the world? While 12 year old kids starve themselves to become the next stars of the catwalk, top models hang themselves to death!

Described as Karl Lagerfeld's new muse, Daul modelled for top brands such as Chanel, Dries Van Noten and Lagerfeld.

Daul also wrote an invitation only blog called I like to Fork Myself ( where she chronicled her poignant and sad life as a supermodel.

Yes it must be lonely at the top. Girls, be careful what you wish for. You can a supermodel at 15 and retire at 20 just when you begin to have cellulites like Gemma Ward or go on be crazy and iconic as Naomi Campbell.

Whatever it is, choose life.

Rest in Peace Daul.


Friday, 20 November 2009

Marks and Spencer Marbella: Sweet Reunion.

There are only two things in the world that would wake me up from a long blogging hibernation: Food and Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga's Bad Romance literally wakes me up everyday as I made it my cellphone alarm while the new M&S is the subject of my new indulgence after more than five years of not seeing even a single chocolate wrapper from the brand since I moved here in Spain.

When news broke out that M&S was opening it's first store in Spain (the company pulled out it's Madrid branch eight years ago. Why? Don't know, don't care) in Marbella's La Canada shopping Centre, I was counting down the days to have a taste of those beautiful chocolates---the only thing I could buy at that time in Manila when I was still in university. Of course, in those days, the euro-peso exchange was horrible and everything in the store was just so expensive!

Fast forward to ten years later, M&S is here within reach and of course, I didn't waste time. The second day it opened, I rushed to the store and thanks be to God, I was not disappointed. From the door I walked for the kill straight to the food section. Yes, there is a small but decent food section where I was greeted with the sweetest things in the world:

As you see , I only have consumed the toffee meringue and the cookies. I don't plan to have a heart attack at 30 years old with these sinful things washed down by a can of Coke Light, thank you very much. The toffee and pecan meringue is just heavenly, it melts in your mouth like foam and the bits of pecan nuts balance out the softness and sweetness of the whole thing and make you want to have more, more, and more. Hmmm...

The cookies are exceptionally amazing too. Crunchy but the chocolates inside are a little chewy making it more satisfying to the palate.

Now, having moved recently to a new apartment, I thought it is not fair to just have a sweet fix but I'm also gonna buy some house stuff. Look what I ended up with:

Grapefruit and ginger scented room spray

Magnolia scented foaming bath essence

Still haven't used the gel but the room fragrance is just but amazing. It literally makes your room smell....expensive! Yes, I know that's not exactly an adjective for any kind of smell but that's exactly how I smelt mine after a couple of sprays.

Imagine JLo in her 100 square meter bedroom surrounded with expensive 1000-thread sheets, designer curtains all in white...bouquets of magnolias everywhere...everything glowing in white...and yes, minus her skeletor husband: that's how I imagined I were and how my bedroom smelled. Gee...

I didn't check out the clothes section as I never was keen with their clothing line anyways. I've seen a lot of cute Christmas displays and gift ideas though and might come back for the bathrobe (100 % egyptian cotton, if I saw it correctly) when I got some hard earned disposable cash to ...well, dispose.

Come on people, I paid for food. It's not like I bought a gram of some white stuff that makes this planet crazy. I nourished myself and enjoyed it and money went to a good cause---myself. And besides, M&S just invested 3 million euros for this store so I was just trying to help them get it back in my own sweet little ways.

Now if you'll excuse me, I still have to try out my magnolia scented bubble bath.


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Gucci on your Iphone!

Seems like Gucci's going tech-y.

Starting today you can download the Gucci fashion application on the App Store. It’s not your usual fashion app—in fact, Frida Giannini worked directly with Mark Ronson to create several of the app’s coolest features like Gucci Beats (where you can mix your own music tracks and share with friends) and personal playlists by Frida and Mark.

The App also has a music stream channel, the Gucci Little Black Book city guide, along with all the latest fashion shows, look books and news from Gucci.
Sounds fun. I suggest they do a Frida Gianini boyfriend jacket inspired mobile casing as well. In different colors. That would sell like hotcake, I'm sure.
Too bad I use a Blackberry. For details, check out:

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

And now, the good news: Cristiano Ronaldo for Armani Underwear

This might be a little late news but my virtual girlfriend, Jenia Molnar from the NY press office of Armani sent me some juicy goss a couple of weeks ago that almost made me choke on my Sangria---Cristiano Ronaldo to be the next bulge face of Armani underwear and Armani jeans !
We'll see the Real Madrid player's best bits in Armani's Spring/Summer 2010 campaign in the tradition of the most tasteful and provocative ads for the brand by the one and only David Beckham.
I say Armani did the best decision to chose Cristiano after David. Afterall, an excellent brand like Armani deserves nothing but an excellent image to represent them.
What happens now to Mr. Beckham? Well, according to my favorite gossip magazine, HOT Marbella (lol), Mr. Beckham is honing his voice, making it sound deeper for future cinematic and television projects. He knows that he is perfect in everything aside from that mickey mouse voice so he is taking voice lessons / coachings to develop a a husky baritone sound.
So, move over David. Here comes Cristiano to make a lady's day. We expect giant billboards, tv spot, and lots and lots of magazine spread with the Portugese hunk...errr..spreading his legs.
We will all be waiting, right chicas?
Speaking of waiting. Jenia girlfriend...I'm still waiting for my armani undie dahlin´. black. size m. Lol!!!'s hard playing Perez Hilton for a blog post. I need to calm down.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Hot Partayyyyyy!

Look who's having a ball!

Hot Marbella will hold it's first ever Hot party this Friday, 16th of October in TIBU, Marbella. Doors will open at 10pm and everybody is invited to come and celebrate with us as long as you enter your details at

Dress code: Pink and/or Black.

I know , I know, don´t blame me. I didn´t choose the color scheme. If It were upon me, I would have asked everyone to come with nothing but a hat so pink and black is definitely way better than my judgement.

The gorgeous Miss J. will appear in a very nice ensemble courtesy of a very generous high street brand but details of that to follow and of course, a blow by blow account of the party will be chronicled in this site.

What will happen? I have no idea but I am sure it will be a blast as the most interesting (and beautiful) people will be present and will also be the first meet and greet party for the magazine´s facebook members.

Speaking of Facebook. You know what? I think the idea of actually meeting people you don´t know personally but you think you know through their FB status is quite surreal, isn´t it?
Facebook has opened us all in this voyeuristic world (at it´s best) which makes our lives, how uninteresting it may be, an open book for everyone to read. People begin to secretely follow someone else´s life without the other person knowing it. We become invisible , harmless stalkers in a way; peeking through the keyholes of the lives of the others.

Anyway, back to the party, I am excited to meet a certain member of the page. I know what he likes for breakfast, I know where he spent his last holiday, and I even know his brand of perfume. Now, putting all these info to use, I think I could end the night with a smile on my face.


I will let my hair down and catch up with friends I haven´t seen for ages! Believe it or not, I haven´t been out for a proper nightout since....exactly. So I guess it´s about time to put on those dancing shoes again.

And oh, I hope the Holga camera that I bought online arrives on time. I tracked it today on DHL´s site and it´s already in Malaga port so I am expecting it to be on my doorstep tomorrow.I have been salivating long enough for this crazy, cheap camera which takes kick ass images and I finally took the courage to whipped out my now cobweb-coated credit card for a little bit of indulgence and "forced economy" as a friend once told me(whatever that means).
I still don´t know how to use the camera or how to upload the images online (it is not digital) but what the heck; I am having it and I am just pleased.

So, in case you are on the Costa del Sol and wanna have a good time this Friday, log on to to be in the guest list of the hottest party this autumn!
See you there, bitches!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Amaya Arzuaga,Served Chilled.

My favorite Spanish designer, Amaya Arzuaga must have been listening to a lot of chillout music lately. Instead of jumping into the whole back-to-the-80's bandwagon, she preferred to have her designs chilled, cooled and calmed to perfection for the Cibeles Fashion Week.
Inspired by natural evolution--this time a caterpillar to a butterfly, Amaya brought back serenity to the chaos of the fashion week by bringing earth colors, nude shades and gray with a little bit of pale pink, as if sunkissed.

To say that some lazy Ibiza ambient tunes or a laid-back Formentera weekend getaway did some magic to Amaya does not mean her designs were utterly lackluster. On the contrary, mother nature has given her the most surprising array of elements which she smartly incorporated on the clothes and as expected, it worked. Shapes and volumes of conch, mushrooms, wind and the ubiquitous flower plus the use of some serious lightweight tulle formed into layers of labyrinth (which looked like butterflies with their wings flapping in full speed) gave a hint of fairy tale to the collection.
The meditation has worked well Amaya. Now you can chill and relax on your laurels.
All photos from


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