Monday, 29 June 2009

The Bruno wears De La Prada

A fashion conscious future starts now and the signs are very clear. Soon enough, the world will breathe and live fashion. People will have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I am not complaining. On the contrary, I am looking forward to a generation where Prada is President and Louboutins are the new flip flops.

Yesterday, I was checking out Youtube for Bruno trailer and stumbled upon the video of his infamous gatecrashing at Agatha Ruiz de la Prada's in 2008 Milan Fashion Week. I checked the commentaries and surprised to know that someone thought Bruno's outfit was similar to Galliano's Les Incroyables collection. Fantastico I thought. Signs of the times: Regular people who can see a fashion sense and depth even in the most conspicuous situations. I'm sure somewhere out there, a Michael Jackson fan cries not of loss of an icon but because his iconic sequined gloves will never be in vogue again.

So I digress. Now let's go back to Bruno and the havoc he created at Miss de la Prada's show. We can watch it fully, July 10 when BRUNO hits the theaters everywhere. Sidebar, it was a fact that Miss De La Prada lost her temper (who wouldn't anyway) when it happened and as the rest of us know, BRUNO was arrested by the Italian police, detained, blah , blah, blah.

Now, you might be wondering: Who on heavens is Agatha Ruiz de La Prada? Is she anyway related to THE Muccia Prada? What's her clothes like? If the Devil wears Prada, who wears Miss de la Prada? (okay, that's too much. stop.)

Again, unless you live in Spain or you are someone who memorizes the names and faces of every single designer, model, magazine, stylist, tv show and can win a back to back championship of "Who wants to be a Millionaire"-- fashion edition (I bet my money on Bryanboy at this one) then chances are you haven't heard of her at all aside of course from the tragic Bruno encounter.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada is a Spanish designer who sits in the highest ladder of the country's fashion echelon and considered to be one of the strongest forces and pillars of Spanish fashion. How's that as for an introduction? For over three decades, she is consistent in being an award winner designer, most recent of which is the highest in Spain in the field of arts--Gold medal given by the Ministry of Culture.

Agatha is not only successful creatively but she is also a bankable businesswoman. Her empire is not confined with garments but throughout the years she has expanded as well to perfume, shoes, home, paints, accessories designing for multinational companies such as Vodafone, Citroen, Disney, Absolute Vodka not counting almost all the giant companies in Spain which had her imprint on in one way or it you got it. (She even makes stickers for Christ’s sake).

What makes her design tick? Color. Lots and lots of it. Rays, splashes, outbursts, a kaleidoscope of colors. So much color it will you vomit. Happy vomit of course. She combines these colors with patterns that will make Uncle Karl sick--stars, moon, flowers and everything that you can see in a children's day care centre. Imagine such fusion and what do you get? An eccentric blend of juvenile indulgence and class. Yes, class. And grace, if you know how to handle it. If you are a more of a Ralph Lauren type of person, this is a total shock for you. If you think Lagerfeld is a god, you will think her designs are the grave sins. And if you are Alice Olins of Times Online , you think Agatha’s hats are silly.

However, what I admire about her is how brilliantly she niched her designs in the market. No one in the world has used so much colors as she did since the invention of kaleidoscope, and it worked! It worked so much she can design a Vodka bottle with yellow stars and red dots. She can even make a million dollar car look like it's just been on Disneyland without anyone laughing. On the contrary, everyone wants to get their hands on it for a test drive.

I don't think Bruno knew whose party he gate crashed in Milan but clearly, with the press and the controversy it got, I don't think Miss De La Prada bothered at all. At the end of the day, a little bit of mayhem is always healthy especially if you make it to Perez Hilton's site the next day.

As I await for Bruno to be shown in España (not dubbed in Spanish I hope!), I am also looking forward to attend Cibeles Fashion Week and be with brilliant fashionistas who, just like the Youtube commentator, can see art through layers of random clothing stuck on a Velcro overalls.

I'm holding my breath on what Miss Agatha Ruiz de la Prada has to offer this time. The runway is her Disneyland and No, it's not Bruno nor The Devil who wears de la Prada:


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