Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Model Citizen: Jenna Sauers' True Lies

The Guardian today writes about one of Jezebel's ( a popular feminine site) writers, Model Jenna Sauers. After two years of modelling for big publications such as Harper's Bazaar , Marie Claire, Glamour and InStyle magazines among others, she was also Jezebel's mole providing cheek in tongue accounts of the modelling industry as she lives it.

I thought I've seen some postings about her in a fashion community site where I am a member too so I went back to the thread and I found her response to an enquiry about if she was actually the famous character in Jezebel:

Oh Jenna. Blatantly lying were we?

Anyway, so she moaned to the British paper about the not so glamourous realities of being a model, how models are not getting so much as we all thought they do; about racism and harrassment in the industry blah blah blah. I admire her strenght to come out and tell the whole world about her truth but will it change anything? We hope so. Reality check: we doubt it.

Jenna's career is shifting to writing and she's actually good at it. She has a blog called "Jenna's Model Life" (she should change it to "Writer Life" instead) and works as a freelance writer for magazines.

It is a natural process for a model to shift careers: Cameron Diaz, Rebecca Romijn, Famke Janssen are now actresses as well as a bunch of other ex-models (Gemma Ward being the latest addition); Tara Moss is now a crime novel writer, Carla Bruni was a model, singer and now first lady of France, how's that for a career change! And of course, you have Naomi Campbell who is now....Naomi Campbell. Let's hope Jenna's chosen career path would be great for her.

So, we might not be seeing Jenna in any magazine covers soon or ever so let's feast our eyes to her once upon a happy time photos.

What's in the pipeline for Jenna? A memoir, I bet. And oh yeah...don't lie this time babe.


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