Thursday, 9 July 2009

Saving the planet, one feather earring at a time.

Timesonline reports today about the business of reduce, re-use, recycle. With such businesses thriving and gaining from biodiesel to green coffin and dead wood ( I want a study table made from Dracula’s coffin please), helping mother earth is becoming a million dollar enterprise providing not only thousands of jobs but also keeping the environment alive.

Ok. So? What does it have to do with my daily fashion blahs?

Easy. I just discovered Alex and Ani’s website and I want to rave about it. Since I am not an expert on Saving the Planet and my greatest contribution to green awareness was to come as a giant onion at Halloween party when I was five (if this count as a contribution), let me redeem myself today from my crime against nature by telling you that yes, you can save Mother Earth while still looking gorgeous.

Alex and Ani’s is an American company that produces accessories which are environmentally conscious and hand crafted from recycled metals. Combining glamour with ecoawareness, their pieces can be seen regularly in leading women's and fashion magazines in the states worn by celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Miley Cyrus among others.

I love how owner and designer Caroline Rafaelian literally turned scraps into valuable and wearable accesories. Maybe I should ask her to give me a lesson on how to do such things; I could make an antire Autumn/Winter collection for Harrods with all the useless crap I have in my bedroom.

Anya Hindmarch made her point in 2007 that saving the planet can indeed be fashionable with her iconic " I am not a plastic bag" bag. This year, you too can be an eco-warrior and save mother Earth from extinction; one recycled feather earring at a time.

check out for more details.


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