Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Tales from the Desperate

I know age is but a number but whenever I come across young achievers, I feel like I must have been doing something wrong , partied way too much and drank too much in my youth that until now, I still haven't got anything brilliant to add in my CV. Except maybe for the exponential number of men I slept with from around the world---something that only Samantha Jones and porn stars can brag about and unfortunately, I am either any of those.

I digress.

Anyway, I felt a hundred years old lately when I came across little boys and girls who have been making fame in blogging--Fashion blogging specifically. Of course everyone knows now about Tavi of the blog
Style Rookie who started blogging last year at the age of 12. Imagine a kid blogging about Balmain, Margiela , Thakoon and Nicolas Ghesquière? Amazing isn't it? A fashion whiz kid! Other children might want to be scientists, moviestars or doctors when they grow up but I bet you my beautiful red pouting lips, she would be the next generation's Anna Wintour.

In Spain, 17 year old Frederic writes his fashion diary
, tales from Frederic  And boy, has this boy got an eye for fashion! Very European in his taste, Frederic has a natural flair for mixing and matching vintage with high street pieces. He can even wear his pajama in style! At 17, he has already attended fashion week in Madrid last year, something that I want to covet this year so I have to keep this blog pure, safe and wholesome; away from Samantha Jones and porn star topics and make it family, art and fashion oriented only so that the people from IFEMA (fashion week organizers in Spain) would think that I am nice and immaculate and would give me ticket to fashion la la land in September.

So, I really shouldn't say that the 17 year old blogger is quite hot too and probably likes hot Asian princesses like me.

I really should shut up now.


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