Friday, 28 August 2009

Got money to buy the Bunny?

Selling at a whopping price of £ 1,000, this is the most expensive bunny ears that I have seen in my life. (I got my five year old niece a bunny ear headband last year for her Halloween party and I thought I got ripped for 25 euros! ) Why? Because it was used by Lanvin's Alber Elbaz in a photoshoot for The New Yorker, entitled "Ladies Man".

This and other beautiful items are now for sale in's website.

"SHOWstudio SHOP offers rare and bespoke Artefacts, hand-picked from iconic fashion shoots and catwalk shows. These rare artefacts are sold alongside provenance images and selected original prints from contemporary fashion photographers in whose work these items featured. Alongside Artefacts and Prints, SHOWstudio SHOP will also offer Original pieces handcrafted by a wealth of fashion luminaries in a purpose-designed live space. Offered for sale exclusively by SHOWstudio SHOP, the provenance of these exceptional items will be the entire creative process behind them, recorded live on SHOWstudio’s webcams."

This is a new shopping experience for the real fashionistas with the moolah. Hey, If I've got the cash, I would spend it into something like this too. Something exclusive, one of a kind ; something that my nieces and nephews can auction one hundred years after I disappear on the face of this earth. On the other hand, I think it's a better idea to start saving up for that beautiful massive Marie Antoinette ring by Miss Wendy Brandes.

Investment wise, you can never go wrong with a fine piece of jewelry such as this one.
I must save up.


To shop for the bunny ears, click here
To shop for the ring, click here


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