Monday, 31 August 2009

Marbellastyle Goes Gossip Girl

My section in HOT Marbella, the coast’s one and only gossip magazine came out the weekend and I am ecstatic!

Not very Cathy Horyn but hey at least I got a spread even though it is at the back of the magazine next to the what’s up events page. ( I am just laughing myself off as I type this. Oh, the story of my life!)

When the publisher asked me to do something for the magazine’s fashion section, I though of putting up like a YSL tribute or an essay on my love for Chalayan but obviously I wasn’t writing for Vogue, am I? Target market: 20-40 years old celebrity obsessed, high street fashion shopper. Not really a back breaking task so I went ahead and did it with a smile on the face.

Writing the text was easy but because the magazine is just starting up (it is bi-weekly and I joined the 3rd issue) we had to do a little bit of multitasking and find images ourselves. That was hardest part. As you all know, photographs for commercial use are copyrighted and if you go to the net, the sizes are too small for print.

So, what did I do? Phone up PR agencies and clothing companies for photographs. Luckily, these people are very nice and they sent me the pictures in a heartbeat. There are some however who needs background checking of the magazine, send them a copy first, etc. etc. I just don’t have the time girls. If you want publicity, I give to yah, no more too much drama.
Next Issue is on the 9th of September so I guess I better do some photo solicitations now.

I have applied for accreditation for Cibeles Fashion Week and will know if I’m in next week. Pray for me bitches.


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