Friday, 28 August 2009

Move while you're watching me...

Dubbed by the Guardian as the "New Kylie", I really don't think that Little Boots is as the same league as Ms. Minogue. The only common factor between them is that they are both small in height though big in talent. Little Boots I think can be Lady Gaga's little sister only that the girl goes to church and Sunday school while The Gaga goes.... everywhere really. Don't get me wrong, jádore these girls to the bone, bitches.

After getting addicted to La Roux's music (I can even sing "Bulletproof" backwards now) , I opted for a detox and went for a milder (though considerably potent) dosage of corrosive synthesizer pumped tunes which was Little Boots'. Her "Remedy" is so filled with saccharine goodnes, it gives me a kind of "high" that I can never get from a three liter bottle of Diet Coke and I love it.

Aside from the music, there's the outfit! I love her glitzy glamorous cosmic theme dresses which is a modern take on the studio 54 era and David Bowie. And the girl speaks Prada too! You can read her list of favorite designers here. She's a Mcqueen girl, this petite British singer.

Little Boots' songs are still growing on me (like molds) but I'm sure a couple more rewinds, I'm gonna be hook on it.

Check out this lovely little number:

Besos and I'm outta here. I'm still gonna download her stuff in Itunes. Ciao!


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